Weight loss Thursday. Even though it’s actually Friday.

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So this weekend has really effed up my schedule in more ways than one.  But the combo of Monday being a holiday (thank you, Christopher Columbus for not actually discovering America but allowing all federal employees to have a holiday anyway!) & Greg being in the hospital resulting in me being off through Tuesday, my work-week has been sorta jacked up. 

When Wednesday = Monday and Thursday = Tuesday, weight loss Thursday gets lost in the shuffle.  So, apologies for my tardiness.  But I will make up for it with some fun things. 

First, I follow another blog that is co-written by 5 different women that are all trying to lose weight for different reasons.  Yesterday (I think it was yesterday.  It might have been the day before), one of them posted a link to this blog that has all kinds of encouraging and inspiring things to say about weight loss.  You should read it if you are feeling down on yourself.  Or if you are feeling like you have a good excuse to not lose weight.  She will simultaneously make you feel like you can conquer the world and a tool-box for making up excuses.  It’s amazing.

Second, a girl who I’ve known, well for forever (we used to ride the bus to school together & we made a video in our Spanish class that drove our teacher absolutely insane because of the Pauly Shore references), recently started a blog.  She should be nominated for sainthood because she is a stay-at-home-mom to 3 young children that are 4, 2, & a few months (I think).  She still manages to find the time in her day to exercise & eat right and she is an inspiration to me.  I encouraged her to start a weekly post about weight loss and, guess what?!  This week–she did one!  Yay!  If you have a few extra minutes, you should head over to her blog and give her a few words of encouragement!

Alright.  Enough stalling.

I gained a pound.  Boo hoo.  Poor me.

But, I’m still down 19.1 pounds and considering all of the times I had to eat in the cafeteria this weekend, that’s not too bad.

Also, I’m going to have to start up with Jillian again because, as much as it kills me to say it, she actually gets results.  My sister commented that my butt was starting to shrink again and I know it’s because I haven’t been getting yelled at to squat lower!  More lunges!  Do you want to fit into your jeans or not?!  So, I’m giving in & letting Jillian steal 30 minutes of my day.

Finally, if anybody else that reads my blog is interested in doing some-sort of a weekly weigh-in/link-up thingy, please let me know!  I want people to feel encouraged and included but you guys have to tell me if it is something that you or somebody you know would like to do (this means you Sara Jeffrey Borscherding).


12 thoughts on “Weight loss Thursday. Even though it’s actually Friday.

  1. Thanks for the shout – out Tara. *Sigh* Good ol’ Mrs. Heston and Spanish 1. You think it was the Pauly Shore references…OR…do you think it was the fact that you, me, Greg, and Shane were all in the same group? Hehehehe. I loved tormenting teachers. The only reason that class was halfway bearable was that we were all goofing off together.

    And as far as your weight loss this week…screw it! You have been doing an amazing job! You totally get a by week!!! You had a week from hell and deserve some slack.

    Now….go let Jillian kick your butt, like she does mine every day!! Ugh! Love ya dear!

  2. OH well, better week next week. And you have to say, your sister told you that you have no butt! Not that it is getting flabby or too big. Just the opposite.

  3. Jillian is my best friend and foe all wrapped into one. I hate her words of encouragement and welcome them in the same instance. Her intensity irks me and inspires me. Does any of this make sense? LOL I agree though. You’ve been through a lot and deserve not to have to worry about that pound on top of everything else.

      • Well, I haven’t actually been doing her! I don’t swing that way haha. Ok now that the corny junior high jokes are out of the way…

        I was doing her work out for about a week then comcast took her off of on demand. So Loops sent me the video which I got last week. I’ve been a slacker on everything lately because I’ve been pushing to get school done. Now that you’ve heard all my excuses….I’m beginning again today when Devon goes down for a nap.

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