I ran a race for breast cancer & all I got was this stupid t-shirt. And a pink medal.

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Remember when I ran a 5K for boobies? 

Well, the local Susan G. Komen folks now have me on their (e-)mailing list and keep sending me little things.  Last week, I received an e-mail with 3 different links with race-day photos!  3 different photographers took a ton of amazing pictures of the day!  The first set didn’t have any of me or anybody else I knew.  But the second one?  Oh, the second one had this little baby.  (Because of copyright issues, I can’t just copy/paste the picture onto my blog.  Even though it’s a picture of me.  Boo.)

In case you can’t find me, look for the girl that looks like she about to die.  The girl in the pink visor with a fire-red face.

But I am showing off my guns which makes me look like a total bad-ass so I guess this one is a draw.

In other Susan G. Komen 5K news, after I registered I spouted off about this every day until I was blue in the face.  I encouraged others to join me.  While most of them laughed (especially when the torrential downpour started), one poor sucker signed up to run too!  He had just competed in a triathlon less than a month before the 5K yet he claims to “not be very athletic”.  So, he did a timed run (unlike his slacker friend, Tara who just ran for “fun”) & he ran his best 5K.  Ever! 

Yay, Dr. Coats!

Then, out of nowhere, he popped into our department the other day (since the race, he has moved on to bigger & better things ::tear::sniffle::).  Then he says, “So . . . I’m not athletic at all.  And I’ve never won any awards for anything related to athletic skill.  Ever.  But–I placed 3rd in my division for the 5K and . . .”

::pause for dramatic effect::

His first athletic award is a pink medal!!! 


Poor Dr. Coats.  Maybe one day you will be a real boy 😀


10 thoughts on “I ran a race for breast cancer & all I got was this stupid t-shirt. And a pink medal.

  1. Well, it is awesome that he received a medal and you know they say “Men that are comfortable in their masculinity look good wearing pink”. So proud the men are running/walking for the boobies as well.

      • Yep and to find out he was a 22 year breast cancer survivor made it all the more cool. AND HE was really fast! Too bad some men’s group doesn’t have shirts made to sell. Would probably generate a lot of money for breast cancer awareness.

        • He passed me once.

          ::hangs head in shame::

          But that was all the motivation I needed to get my ass into gear and run fast enough so he wouldn’t pass me again 😉

          I totally did the race for the right reasons. Right?

    • Well, look who it is!

      I can’t believe that he hasn’t commented yet. Maybe this is his way of not speaking to me any more . . .

      It is a pretty good picture of him, don’t you think?!

  2. Good picture of him with pink medal looking so proud, will keep a copy so I can show it when he leasts expects it. Then he’ll really want to kill you.

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