Random crap that annoys me

Since I’ve had a horrible case of “the blahs” this week, I feel like this post & the accompanying picture are an accurate representation of my mood.  Enjoy!


  • I live on east {blank} ave.  There is no west {blank} ave.
  • Emptying the dishwasher, filling it back up & still having dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Lumpy mashed potatoes.
  • People that bum rush the elevator when I’m trying to exit.  Wait 2 more seconds and I will be off, ya jerk.
  • When my work server blocks some of my favorite blogs for absolutely no reason.
  • When my work server won’t let me leave comments on some of my favorite (non-blocked) blogs because the comments are embedded in the post.  I have a lot to say to my e-friends!
  • The mountains of laundry that continually show up uninvited.
  • Liars.
  • Cleaning out my refrigerator only to find something that I thought I had already used up.
  • When I bust my ass to make a recipe delicious on the first try & it tastes like crap.
  • When my dogs destroy my garage, my yard & my kids’ outdoor toys.
  • Not getting to eat lunch on an exceptionally busy workday.
  • When I’m running late.
  • Paying bills.

That is all I can think of right now.  Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!


6 thoughts on “Random crap that annoys me

  1. Seriously, that is the face I”VE been making all week too!!! Must be something in the air. Oh hows this one for you, E. abc st turns into W xyz st. It’s a major street that runs through our town. The name changes after an intersection. I’ve never understood why they have to add the east and west to it if the ENTIRE name of the street CHANGES. Anyway, yeah I feel your pain on how the week has gone. I hope you get to relax this weekend!

      • Well fortunately you can spit from one side of our town and it’ll make it across to the other side haha. So it’s not too much of a problem, but it was a little confusing at first. It still doesn’t make sense however.

        I never was the one driving in STL cause I just got my license before we moved out here. I know west county by heart though…well west county 15 years ago that is.

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