Monkey see, monkey do.

Yesterday evening, Greg came home from setting up his deer stands.  Ever since Brock had woken up from his nap, he was bugging me about where his dad was.  When I told him where he was, he ran to the front door, grabbed his shoes, & declared (while in nothing but underwear), “I am going to go wif him.”

When I told Greg about that, he jumped on the opportunity to continue to mold his little mini-me.

He immediately started ransacking Brock’s closet to be sure that we didn’t have to make an emergency run for all-things tiny camouflage.

Within a few minutes, he returned to the living room, proudly holding a long-sleeve shirt, bibs & boots.  All in camouflage.  Brock was so excited.  They both couldn’t wait for morning.

Brock promised me that he would go to bed early if he could go hunting with his dad in the morning.

Greg promised me that he wouldn’t wake our child before the sun was up, but as it turns out, that wasn’t an issue.  Adrianna woke up around her usual 5:45 and we plopped her in bed with us.  Brock came into our room around 6:15.

Wide awake.

Ready to hunt.

Any other day, it’s a battle to get that child out of bed before 6:45 so we can bolt out of the door by 7:00.

Not today.

Today, he was hanging with his dad.

The lizards had to come along too. This was non-negotiable.

After I loaded down his bib overalls with a couple of packs of fruit snacks & a baggie full of animal crackers, they were off.

But not before I snapped a few pictures.



We didn’t have the heart to tell him that it’s not gun-season yet.

Also, Adrianna’s diaper-only attire isn’t appropriate for the woods.

She was pissed that she wasn’t invited.

The good news?

Next year, I will have so much peace & quiet while Greg has to take these two hooligans with him.

I am officially on a countdown for next fall.


6 thoughts on “Monkey see, monkey do.

  1. Cute!! I don’t think Aaron will take Hayden hunting until he is sure he can keep is mouth shut. And I am pretty sure that will be…..never! 🙂 Aaron wants to take him hunting, but Hayden is LOUD and never stops talking!! Hope they had fun!

    • Greg was pretty much counting on not seeing anything because of the noise but they were going to a place that Greg doesn’t normally go to, so I don’t think it will matter too much!

  2. Too cute, see you just need to find something that interests him so he will get up in the morning! I can see Adrianna throwing a fit and Brock telling her she couldn’t go A) because she is to wittle and B) she is a girl and only the boys were going hunting!.
    Think we need to make a run to Bass Pro for her some camo!
    Nan and Papa

    • She has some camo but I didn’t want to trekk out in the woods and I didn’t think it was fair to send BOTH kids with Greg just yet. He is going to have to take her sometime though!

  3. Haha I LOVE this story. My dad can’t wait to take M.A hunting and fishing. 🙂 My hubby doesn’t do either of those things… he’s a city boy. But I seriously was dying laughing over here. 🙂 So cute.

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