Menu planning: Week 4

If you have a great idea for a weekly meal-plan, don’t forget to head over to Jane Maynard’s blog & post your menu in the comments section!

Since we have had a lot of sickness in our house during the last few weeks, we are going to have a lot of repeats this week.  And, since Greg’s diet is going to have to be modified to include less cholesterol & fiber, I am going to be on the search for more recipes for him.

Sunday:  house-warming party for the doctor I work with

Monday: Stuffed pork chops with corn

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: The kids & I will be at Kids for Jesus (KFJ) so Greg will be on his own!

Thursday: Burritos & french fries (Brock’s choice)

Friday: Chili made with ground turkey

Saturday: leftovers or possibly, date night

What are you cooking this week?


4 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 4

  1. i made polish sausage skillet (polish sausage, potatoes, green and red peppers and onions) last night. however, i think i didn’t have the called-for cajun seasoning, so i used old bay, and i didn’t have onions. i think it needs something a little sweeter and am considering adding pineapples or maybe raisins to my left-overs!

    friday night is pizza night at my house, but i have no idea on the other nights this week! if it was up to noah, we would just eat yogurt. not a fan!

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