Wanna see what I did this weekend?

Wanna hear about my Sunday?

Of COURSE you do!  That’s why you stay tuned to my blog!  Because my life is so exciting and interesting, right?


Okay, fine.  It’s not all that exciting OR interesting, but I did do something that falls into both the exciting and interesting category on Sunday.

A good friend of mine is pregnant and she happens to be married to one of the cheapest men on the planet.

It’s okay if I publish that because he readily admits it.

At the end of August, they moved into their brand-new house & she and I were casually talking about all-things baby.  I asked if she was going to have any maternity pictures taken and she just rolled her eyes and shot a look to her cheap skate frugal husband.  When I mentioned that I have a really nice camera and would do them for free, he became slightly more interested.

Slightly.  He still thought it was “stupid”.  His words.  Not mine.

Over a month had passed and I had mentioned it a few times.  She and her husband were still going back and forth about to do it or not and finally she decided that she was going to do them.  As a surprise to him!  Yay! 

So, if you know these two people in real life, DO NOT say anything to him.  I realize that most of you don’t have any idea who he is, but these pictures are a surprise for him and he doesn’t read my blog or even know what a blog is, so he won’t be hearing about it from me 😀

Since he and Greg are friends, we had no problem getting him out of the house.  We sent the boys out for a round of golf, my parents watched the kids, and I snuck over to my friend’s house.

Considering that I’ve never taken pictures of anything other than my kids & animals, I was super nervous.  I had some ideas of shots that I wanted to try to re-create, but I don’t know anything about photography.  I really really want to learn.  “Take a photography class” is on my 101 things list (item #29 if you are interested) but I have no idea about lighting & rule of thirds & composition & shutter speeds (seriously, I stole all of those terms from reading the photography posts on Pioneer Woman’s website but I don’t know a thing about any of them).  But since I took her pictures for free, I figured that she didn’t have any expectations anyway.


I had told her to pick a few outfits and/or props that she wanted to use and we would go from there.  When I got there, she had some super cute ideas & we just sorta started shooting.

I took 600-700 pictures on Sunday and I’m in the process of weeding through them and deleting the ones that are horrible or that I took 17 shots of the exact same pose and I’m deleting most of the duplicates.

However, I couldn’t help but start to do the post-processing on some of them and, because you guys are so loyal & dutifully read my blog daily, I’m going to give you a sneak peek!

Just keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m doing.

::deep breath::

I thought I would ease into this with some basic shots of the nursery:

Her husband is so cute!  He actually thought all of the diapers in that diaper cake would last close to a month! 

I'm sorta in love with this one. I love how her face is darkened. It's just kinda dreamy & romantic. At least, that's the look I was going for.

Let me just say, while I did do some post-processing on these, I didn’t airbrush out a thing.  As in, the bitch doesn’t have a single stretch mark.  If I wouldn’t go down for a double homicide, I take her out.

Her husband is a Notre Dame fan so we stole a jersey out of his closet & had some fun with it!

They got that hat on a trip to Ireland so it was fun to incorporate it into some "Fighting Irish" shots!

I have a million more but I don’t want to give it all away just yet!

But, seriously.  What do you guys think?  Is the husband going to love them?  Or should I pack up my camera forever?

Okay, obviously that last one wouldn’t happen.  Ever.  But you get the idea.  I want your feedback.


9 thoughts on “Wanna see what I did this weekend?

  1. Well, since I have been looking at them since Sunday, I still do not know which one I love the most. BUT, I am hoping he loves one enough to have a really big print made, framed and hang it in the nursery. Not every child gets to see their mother at her finest. She is a beautiful subject which never hurts and you both were very creative.

  2. Ok so I think that pregnant women are beautiful. The sad thing is that after she will go back to her petite self. Of course we husbands don’t.

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