I totally met Harrison Ford this weekend and you KNOW I took pictures to prove it.

On Friday night, Greg and I went to an amateur-leage fighting event.  Greg has been a fan of the UFC for a long time and I tagged along because 1) my best friend was also going (with some people from work) & 2) it sorta counted as a date-night.

It’s pretty obvious why he married me.

I’m full of The Awesome & I let him off the hook by counting an amateur UFC fight as a “date night”.

The basic story of the fights were as follows:

-Dudes punched/kicked/wrestled.

-There was one girl fight which resulted in the loser tapping out because her mother-bleeping elbow got dislocated and was bending away from her body at a very disturbing angle.  ::shudder::

-Girls walked around the octagon with signs informing us which round it was because we are too stupid to count to three.

-My bestie and I took non-monetary bets on who would win.  She was almost always right.  I’m thinking she needs to come to Vegas with Greg and I in the spring so she can help me win some big money.

-Stephanie (the bestie) and I met Harrison Ford.

Me & Steph

A couple of people that she works with came and one of them brought a friend along.  This friend?  Looked just like Harrison Ford.

Obviously, my first thought was to get a picture so I could post it on the blog because that’s how much I love you guys.

My second thought?  Should I go for the sneaky, I’m-totally-obvious-while-attempting-to-not-be-obvious picture or just ask him outright if I could take his picture.

Decisions, decisions.

Obviously (and because I have no sense of shame), I blurted out casually said, “Hey!  I need to get a picture of you!  You totally look like somebody I know and I want to show them.”

After his nervous laughter subsided and I convinced him that I am not, in fact, a serial killer that likes to take pictures of her victims pre-mortem as some sort of strange trophy, he asked who I thought he looked like.


Obviously I don’t know Harrison Ford like I lied and said I did.  And, I’m not a quick enough thinker to come up with a random name & say something like, “Oh, you totally look like our friend Jon!”

No no.

This is what I said.

“Well, okay.  I guess I technically don’t know him, know him but you totally look like Harrison Ford!  Now, stand still so I can take your picture!”

See?! He's totally Harrison. We are on a first-name basis now.

I’m truly shocked that he allowed me to take his picture after . . . well after I opened my mouth and started talking but he did and now he’s (semi)famous so you’re welcome, Harrison Ford’s twin.

Now I can cross “Meet a celebrity” off my bucket list.

Along with “Get a restraining order filed against me.”

I’m so efficient.


I’m also linking this story up with Chantel over at My Thoughts & Treasures  because meeting Harrison Ford was a treasure!


12 thoughts on “I totally met Harrison Ford this weekend and you KNOW I took pictures to prove it.

  1. I think in a previous post you were talking about being the good child, never lying. Now you know why, you are not quick on your feet when it comes to a lie, your brain doesn’t work that way! AND you thought we had spies watching you, when in fact you would always tell on yourself!
    Glad you got to meet this guy, he has probably heard it before and had a good time. Don’t think this counts as meeting a celebrity (unless you change it and say a celebrity look alike!).

  2. I must say a couple of things…
    1) why in the world does it look like I have on a white bra? did ya see it? holy moly!
    2) Do you remember “Harrison’s” real name? I was trying to tell someone the story and I seriously don’t know his for real name!
    3) I have a new fav talk show! Im serious we have to get on that show. Make that one of the 101 things you gotta do in whatever that deadline was! And I am really serious about this…it’s not like my obsession with getting on the Price is Right…this is like I seriously gotta find a way to get there!

    Peace and chicken grease!

    • 1) I didn’t notice the “white bra” phenomenon until you mentioned it so maybe nobody else did either?
      2) I cannot remember his real name. Steve? Paul? George? Harrison! That was totally his real name!
      3) If your ass would get to work on our book, we could get on that show, dude! For realsies!

  3. Ok, been thinking…his real name is Jim, John, James or something along those lines. pretty sure. Perhaps Rob (Robert, Roberto)

    Re: the book…. if we could sit down together (which is a rareity these days) so I can recall how a sitaution “actually” happened and you dear bestie can put your charmingly sarcastic yet hysterical spin on it we can get the damn book done.


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