Worried about eating all of your kids’ leftover Halloween candy? What? Oh, nevermind. I would never do that either.

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Since I’m trying to be healthy*, part of that includes not eating myself into a candy-induced coma after the kids go to bed & I raid their plastic pumpkins stuffed full of goodies after we go trick-or-treating.

Here are some of the tips I found to help use up some of that leftover candy.  Things other than eating all of it November 1.

Candy-Coated Caramel Apples.  I’m not very crafty, but cooking I can do.  I’m pretty sure that even the most novice cook can handle these babies:


The best part about these?  You can use any variety of candy that you have left over!  M&M’s or Reese’s pieces would be the easiest options, but they also list gummy worms, red hots (seriously?  Who gives out Red Hots for Halloween candy?!), crushed candy bars, crushed Oreos, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Peanut Butter Cookie Pizza


Super-easy & I would imagine that this would freeze well.  So, if the place that you work tends to have a lot of carry-ins because, “Hooray!  Jim got dressed this morning!  Let’s bring food to celebrate!” then you can pull one of these little suckers out the night before and, voilá, your carry-in item is ready to go!

Dipped Pretzels


This is an oldie, but goodie.  Melt either white or milk (or dark) chocolate bark & dip the pretzels into that goodness.  Before the chocolate hardens, roll the pretzels around in crushed up candy.  If you have lots of mint-y stuff, save it up & use for Christmas gifts!  These are quick & easy Secret Santa gifts & are great to have on-hand for the people who you don’t want to buy a huge gift for but do want to recognize them in some way.  Like, I don’t know, your favorite blogger.  Or your pharmacist.

Candy milkshakes


This is one that would be great for sleep-overs or just for a fun thing to do when the weather starts to get too cold to go outside.  Just use typical milkshake ingredients but before you are done blending, throw in a few chopped up mini-candy bars!  Yummy!

*None of these recipes are actually healthy, but it might be a way to keep you from eating all of your kids’ goodies (or the leftovers from trick-or-treaters)(or all of the extra that you bought at the grocery store because they were on sale & how could you turn them down?!)


13 thoughts on “Worried about eating all of your kids’ leftover Halloween candy? What? Oh, nevermind. I would never do that either.

  1. Tara…. how dare you. These all look so good, but I’ll take the shortcut and eat it straight from his bag. Hehe…. One good thing about his egg allergy- I get to eat most of his candy. 🙂

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