The obligatory post-Holiday picture-filled post

So, yesterday was Halloween (duh) and we took the kids trick-or-treating (obviously).  But, before we did that, we stopped by my cousin’s photography studio and had the kids’ pictures taken.

You know what is really funny?  When kids misbehave until their parents have a meltdown and cry in front of total strangers.

Unless that parent is you.

Which, it totally wasn’t me.

Just in case you were wondering.

I will post a picture of the picture that we ended up going with.  The one that made the cut, did so after lots of editing on my cousin’s part.  Literally, she had to take 3 or 4 different pictures and she was saying things like, “Oh it’s okay.  I will just crop out Adrianna’s entire body from this one and put her face over here so she not’s screaming because this is really the best one of her body but Brock’s doing something strange (shocking, I know) so we will just piece it together!”

Uh, okay?  I love how people are eternally optimistic until it is their own children have a complete and utter meltdown because they don’t want that pumpkin next to them because it looks weird.

::deep breath::

Anyway, if you are a local (or even if you are not–they do travel sessions, too!), look them up here.  I heard something about them posting a collage of all of the Halloween kids that came by their shop this weekend, so stay tuned because you might get to see my little heathens cuties!

Alright, now on to the important stuff!  Pictures of me my family! 

Any time there is a family event, it is a miracle if we get one decent shot of the four of us.  Even with a kick-ass camera that shoots super fast & has all kinds of buttons & settings that I know hardly anything about despite the fact that I’ve owned it for over 3 years now.

Isn’t it pretty?!


Okay, you know what?  Since we are all (mostly) friends here, I’m just going to be honest with you guys.  I’m not entirely sure that that’s my camera.  But I do have a Canon & it is a dslr so it’s at least in the same genre.

Just thought you should know.

Our first stop of the night was Greg’s mom & dad’s house.  I knew that it was a race to get a decent picture since Adrianna had decided a long time ago that she did not like her alien head & Brock didn’t want to get his picture taken because he knew there was candy in the room.

This was the first one:

Okay, good.  Adrianna is wearing her hat but both of the kids are pissed off:

Now the little butt-hole won’t even look at the camera:

Now we are making progress!  Brock is finally smiling but he still won’t look at the camera.  Adrianna is fading fast and is getting more and more distracted by the blue flashlight that she is holding:

This is as good as it gets, people.  Brock is finally looking at the camera & quasi-smiling.  Adrianna is trying to show Greg’s mom the flashlight that she refused to put down.  But, all things considered, it didn’t turn out too bad.

In case you were wondering, we were all Toy Story characters.  Brock was Buzz Lightyear, Adrianna was one of the squeaky aliens, Greg was Cowboy Woody & I was Jesse (the cowgirl that is in the 2nd one).

After we left Greg’s parents’ house, we went to our church where they were doing a “trunk or treat”.  My parents were there as farmers:

And there was the cutest cop/donut coordinated costumes that you’ve ever seen:

I die from the cute-ness.

We ended up going to several other places (Ms. Marilyn makes the absolute best homemade donuts.  Evah.  I had three.) & didn’t get home until 9ish which turned out to be a huge mistake because it’s wayyyyyy past the kids’ bedtimes and they were total crank-tanks this morning.

But it was worth it because I am going to eat all of their candy they had fun.

Happy (belated) Halloween!


10 thoughts on “The obligatory post-Holiday picture-filled post

  1. Holy cuteness batman!!!! Adrianna is to die for cute! And the cop and donut is hilarious and clever. Good thing you didn’t go for that scuzzy red had at that stinky resale shop!

  2. There were some really cute costumes at the Trunk or Treat. Like all the Hatcher grandchildren dressed as Wizard of Oz characters. Lots of cowboys with guns they wanted to show off, BUT THE ABSOLUTE best part was they were all so sweet and polite. Their parents would say “What do you say” (Thinking Trick or Treat) and every child said “Please” and “Thank You”. Hope you enjoyed your special treats!

  3. One- I love your writing. You are hill-ARIOUS!

    Two- Chilins = adorable

    Three- Matching costumes = awesomesauce

    Four- Wait! What was four again? Oh yeah jealousy. At the fact that your hubby will dress up, and match. And at your fantastic camera. =)

    • Thanks so much! I love you too, although I haven’t seen anything from you in awhile . . .

      The only reason that Greg dressed up is because, well because Brock pleaded with him and he is a sucker for his little mini-me! Muahahahahaha!

  4. Thanks for the name-drop in your blog!! You are awesome….and so are your kids! Really….they did great and I’m so glad we were able to “create” an awesome picture!!

    • Well, you guys did fantastic with them! Brock was so happy about all of the goodies that you guys had out, so great job on that!

      I had sorta planned on it being a disaster but seriously? 3 (or was it 4?) different poses to get one decent picture of them?! They are ca-razy!

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