This all feels so damn familiar

Yesterday I took Adrianna to the pediatrician’s office for her 15-month check up.  She hadn’t been sleeping well but I thought she was cutting teeth & having lots of sinus drainage causing her to cough and wake herself up.

It has been a rough week, but I was hoping that once her molars broke through, life would get easier.

Here are the good things that we found out during her appointment:

  • Her head circumference is the 90th percentile (which is what it has been since she was born) but I can’t remember the exact measurement.
  • Her length was 31.5 inches which places her in 50th percentile.
  • She weighs 21 pounds, 1 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile which makes sense because she is non-stop on the go and she is getting so dang loooooong.

Here are the not-so-good things that we found out during her appointment:

  • She has a sinus infection
  • She has a double-ear infection (probably as a result of the sinus infection)
  • Her right eustachian tube is clogged
  • She is cutting all 4 molars at once
  • She got 4 shots

Oiy.  She was not too thrilled with the doctor doing an exam and she clung to me for dear life during most of it.  She has also decided that she HATES the nurse and proceeded to give her the stink-eye every time she saw her.  This was before the shots.

Baby girl can hold a grudge.

So basically, we are entering familiar territory and I’m holding my breath because if they antibiotic drops (in addition to the oral antibiotics) that Adrianna is on don’t un-clog the tube, I’m afraid she is going to have to have surgery.  Again.


8 thoughts on “This all feels so damn familiar

  1. Poor baby, but she was so cute last night telling her daddy “Owie Daddy owie!” and I absolutely love her stink eye as long as it is not directed at me. I will capture that in a picture someday soon! Hopefully the antibiotics start working quickly and she is back to her usual crazy self. And Doogie Howser is gone so who will you intimidate?

    • You make a good point about Doogie Howser and I will try to be more relaxed, but still vigilant this time.

      If you thought the stink eye was cute, you should have seen it this morning when I took her band-aids off. Yikes. That girl can glare.

  2. Poor girl! I am so sorry. Do both of your kids have big heads?? I didn’t mean that the way it sounded…but Hayden and Katie’s heads are OFF the charts I think…and Emilie’s is small. Funny. We are headed to the ped today because Katie and Emilie are siffling, coughing, etc and I think Katie has a sinus infection too…oh joy! Hope she feels better soon! 🙂

    • They both do have big heads (mine, not yours :D) but so do Greg and I. I just reassure myself and say that it’s because I’m so smart, haha!

      Luckily I had an epidural with both kids so I didn’t feel just how big their heads were at the time. Yowza!

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