Toddler Talk Thursday: What’s in your diaper bag?

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This week’s topic is : What’s in your bag?

Since I am one of the least organized people I know, I have no idea what’s in our diaper bag at the moment!  You know that mom that is scrounging though her kids’ diaper bag looking for something-anything-to quiet the screaming child that is with them?  That would be me.
I know that there are a handful of diapers/wipes in there.  Usually.
I know that there are at least 5 pairs of extra socks that might or might not have mates.
I know that there is a trial-size bottle of hand-sanitizer.
I know that there are at least parts of an entire outfit that might fit one of my children.  But I’m not sure which one.
I know that there are lots and lots of crumbs from animal cookies & graham crackers.
I know that there is a monogrammed burp cloth that has a beautiful paisley “A” that some friends gave us after Adrianna was born.  I have yet to use it as a burp cloth because it’s just too pretty.
I suspect that there is a sippy cup or two in there.
I know that there are countless hair-bows and headbands in there that I lovingly placed on Adrianna’s sweet little head only to have her rip them off a mere seconds later.
I know that there are no less than 3 little boy items like plastic frogs or Matchbox cars.
I know that there is a nearly empty bottle of Infant Tylenol drops that both of my children outgrew long-ago but I can’t bear to throw it away just yet.
Confession: I might be a hoarder.
Better add: Clean out & organize diaper bag to my to-do list.
I mean, that would be ideal, but it’s not realistic.
Next weeks topic will be:  Share your 4 favorite pictures of your toddler!

14 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday: What’s in your diaper bag?

  1. I havent done a diaper bag since Isabelle was a baby. I loathe having yet another bag to carry.

    My command center is a plastic tote box in the van. That is where I store all of the typical diaper bag junk.

    I *do* carry a massive purse though, which always has a couple of toys. Snacks, diapers and wipes are added on an as needed basis, usually from the tote in the van.

  2. Haha… I change diaper bags like every week so it gets downsized pretty often. Right now though, there is 3 diapers, a travel pack of wipes, a baggie of snacks, and a binky. In the car I keep a tote with wipes and diapers and then the back seat is full of toys and blankets. I hate carrying a diaper bag so we just keep diapers in the car so I don’t have to, but he goes to the sitter’s pretty often now so we just bring the bag so they have diapers there. Fun stuff.

  3. You forgot your wet bag, well, it is now sitting next to the bag because I used it today! So there will be a couple of dirty (wet and otherwise) diapers and a wet bag when you pick the kids up. Enjoy.

  4. Yeah, If you read the beginning of my post you would see that I am seriously not normally so organzized. I just switched bags…

    A plastic Tote – Why didn’t I think of that!! SMART idea!

  5. I want a van with stow and go soooo bad just so I have all those compartments instead of my tote! But the tote has been awesome. It just sits in the foot space behind the driver seat since there is always a carseat there. So its easily accessible for whatever I need to grab 🙂

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