This is EXACTLY why you shouldn’t ask me to plan your next party

I always have the best intentions.

I always start out with enough enthusiasm for 10 people.

My head is always swimming full of awesome ideas that I’ve seen other people pull off flawlessly and I (stupidly) think, “Oh, I can totally do that!”

My one ace in the hole?  I can wing it like there is no tomorrow.

Back in the early months of the summer, when my baby girl’s age was still measured in months that did not equal a full year, a good friend of mine announced that she was pregnant.  She and her husband moved here within the last year-ish and all of their family lives out-of-state.  When I asked her, “Who is going to throw your baby shower?” she just kind-of blushed as she said, “Well, all of our family lives out-of-town and I wasn’t really expecting one down here.”

Bull.  Shit.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I blurted out, “Screw that!  I’m throwing you a baby shower!”

I asked her what her due date was (see?  I’m such a poor planner!) and she told me December 2.

“Great!  The kids’ birthdays will have been over for months and I will have plenty of time to get everything together!”

Long story, short: Adrianna turned one in July, Brock turned 3 in August.  The baby shower sorta slipped my mind until she asked me about it a month ago.

Well, crap.

She gave me a list (with addresses) & I bought the invitations.  Myself and another lady at work nailed out the details in about 10 minutes.  This is no lie.  We were like, “What time should it be?” “How about 2-4?” “Great!  What food should we serve?” “Appetizer-style stuff & cake/ice cream” “Awesome!”  “Where should it be?” “How about the mom-t0-be’s new house?  Then she won’t have to move everything around plus they just moved in so she won’t have to do much cleaning that way!”

I mailed out the invitations about 3 weeks in advance, and considering that Greg was in the hospital during that time, I think I did pretty well.

I am about to reveal a very important, yet little known fact about myself.

I am a huge proponent of just winging it.  Seriously.  That was mine & my bestie’s motto all through nursing school.  Rather than being good students and going straight home to study after class, we would go to a 2-hour lunch then waste our afternoons by watching Friends and playing around on the internet.  Then, as our deadline for our test/project/paper approached faster than a runaway train, we would put our game faces on and get the job done.  I don’t know how many times we were studying for tests and we would both just look at each other and go, “Eh.  We know this stuff well enough.  Let’s have fun!”

I’m proud to say that we both did fantastic in nursing school, we both passed the HESI (a practice version of boards that passing is a requirement for graduation & is part of your grade for your final class) before the deadline and passed boards on the first try.

It’s what we do.  We are best under pressure.

Apparently, the same rule applies to me when planning a baby shower.

Why?  Well, Friday night when we were having dinner with some friends, it hit me that the baby shower was on Sunday.  I spent all day with the kids on Saturday and if having children has taught me anything, it is that you do not, under any circumstances, take 2 small children into a party-planning/paper warehouse unless you want to unleash complete & utter chaos onto the store.  So, I had to wait until Saturday night (when Greg got home from work) to do my shopping.  The only problem?  He had to submit his weekly assignments for his class by midnight on Saturday and he hadn’t even started.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

I took Adrianna with me, popped in Toy Story for Brock, told Greg to stay put in his recliner with the laptop & I called Domino’s for reinforcement.

I had to go to Sam’s first because the kids were O-U-T of milk.  If there is a quicker way to induce a meltdown in my daughter than running out of her beloved milk, I’m not sure what it is.

Then I ran to the party store to pick up decorations for the party that was in roughly 16 hours.  For just under $50 I got: a tablecloth, baby-themed confetti, 2 baby shower game books (because, obviously, I had forgotten to plan those as well), a 20-pack of balloons that I had no idea what I was going to do with, a diaper banner (so cute!) and several baby-themed spiral hanging decorations.  Not too shabby.

Then I went to Hy-Vee because the adults were also out of milk, we were on our last roll of toilet paper, we had no lunch meat for the week, I needed 7-Up & sherbert for the punch & M&M’s & chocolate chips for the ice cream bar.  I knew that I was forgetting a handful of other food items I needed, but I had left my list at my desk at work so I was going to have to pick up the last of the stuff I needed on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, I got up extra early.

As in 3am because there is a strange thing about babies.  They don’t get the memo (or didn’t read it) about Daylight Savings Time.  Once I finally convinced Adrianna that she needed to go back to sleep for a little bit, it was 5am and Brock woke up.  Greg left shortly thereafter to go hunting.  Aren’t husbands the best?!


The party was a hit & nobody knew that I’m a slacker and didn’t have anything that I needed until the day before the party.

Except that I told everybody because I’m socially awkward and pointing out my flaws breaks the ice when I’m uncomfortable.


I finished editing her maternity pictures and am going to show you a few more of them!  Yay!

Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?!  I had such a fantastic time shooting her pictures and can’t wait to get some of that sweet little bambino once it makes his/her debut!


4 thoughts on “This is EXACTLY why you shouldn’t ask me to plan your next party

  1. I have this same exact approach to life. I forget about everything until last minute, then rush around trying to get it all ready, and then it comes together ok, but then I go and tell everybody about it because I have this compulsive need to share my character flaws with the world.

    Those pictures are beautiful.

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