This came along just in time for the holidays!

Even though I’m honoring the turkey this year (as I do most years, actually) and not putting up any Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving, I have been thinking a lot about our Christmas cards.  For our first few Christmas seasons as a newly married couple, I didn’t send out any cards at all.  I was in school, we were broke & I could think of about 10 million other things that I would have rather spent the little money that we did have on stuff besides generic Christmas cards that most people were going to throw in the trash anyway. 

The year after we had Brock, I was too overwhelmed with having a 4-month old, to get my shit together in time to send any cards out. 

For Brock’s second Christmas, I actually got it together and even had an evil plan.  I had gotten pregnant in October of that year and decided to do a photo card that included a picture of Brock and an ultrasound picture.  It was really sweet to be able to send little mementos to our out-of-state relatives to let them know that we were having another baby!

Last Christmas was about the time that I was wrapping up Adrianna’s birth announcements (she was born in July) so obviously, I didn’t get any sent out then.

But this year?

This year is going to kick some serious ass.

This year we are using Shutterfly for our Christmas cards and I can’t wait!

They have TONS of options for photo-cards that are all amazing and that range from basic Christmas & holiday cards to religious cards to invitations for holiday parties!  They are great year-round, but Christmas time is such a perfect opportunity to save a little cash and get such a wonderful product!

How exactly do you save some money?

Well, if you are a blogger you get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly just by following the arrow → 

How amazing is that?!  50 free holiday cards with your ugly mug gorgeous face on them to send out to your favorite friends and family!

In case you were wondering, I would probably pick this one.  Or this one.  Oooooohhhh, maybe this one!

Which one would you choose?


4 thoughts on “This came along just in time for the holidays!

  1. Not that my vote counts but I liked #3. Yeah and dont feel bad. I think I have had Chloes pics done professionally once since she was born. An hour long drive one way is a long time in the car by oneself with an infant sometimes…. So I dont even really have great pics to use for cards!

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