Who changed the date for Thanksgiving?!

I mean, seriously?! 


Thanksgiving is . . . 

. . . wait for it . . .

Less than 2 weeks away.

Holy turkey and stuffing that’s close!

For several years, Greg and I have entertained the idea of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our house but haven’t yet because of {insert convenient excuse here}.

This year, he brought it up again.  I sort-of nixed the idea because his parents have out-of-state guests coming in for the weekend/week after Thanksgiving and my parents are hosting my Dad’s family Thanksgiving at their house. 

Too many turkeys in one week = not fun times in the bathroom.

But then he suggested that we make our own Thanksgiving dinner.  For just the four of us.

At first I was like, “Psht.  I am not going to all of that trouble for four people–two of which will barely eat anything at all.”

Then he started working a little harder.

“But babe.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start our own little family tradition?  Where the kids could look back and say, ‘One of my favorite memories growing up was when we had a cozy little Thanksgiving dinner in our house.’ ”

Damn that man and his ability to tug at my heartstrings.

When I heard about a super-easy & (allegedly) delicious turkey recipe, I felt like I was being nudged even harder to start our little tradition.

So, tonight, after I get off work, I will stop by the grocery store and pick up our turkey!  Then I will sneak over to my parents’ house to hide it in their deep freeze because our is jam-packed full and there isn’t room for a frozen pizza much less a 20+ pound turkey.

If you’re my mom or dad, I’m totally kidding.

If not, well I guess I just let you in on a little secret.  But don’t tell my parents just yet, m’kay?

So now that I know what I’m going to do with our bird, I need ideas for sides.  Obviously I’m going to make mashed potatoes & gravy.  I have my Grandma’s recipe for cranberry salad.  Greg hates stuffing so that’s out.  I also have a yummy corn/baked macaroni dish that I’m planning on making.  I feel like I should make a green bean casserole just because it’s Thanksgiving but I guess I don’t have to since it’s just the four of us and we get to make the rules as we go!

What dishes are staples at your Thanksgiving dinner?  Feel free to include the recipes!


P.S. Since tens of readers (fine.  It was only one reader and you know who you are, Calendi) asked for the “winner” of the random description, I have decided to reveal it.

But I chose 2 winners.  One for the actual closest description and the other for most creative!

The actual answer was: a junky old white truck with more rust than paint and the windows were busted out (butt ugly, cold, runs good, 1 owner).

The winner based on closest-to-the-actual-answer was: Rin!  Her guess was “some sort of property for sale or a window-less vehicle“.  She was actually spot-on.  It was both property & a window-less vehicle!

The winner based on creativity was: Melinda!  Her guess was “the old guy who jogs down my gravel road in all weather in his tights & headband.”  I was going to have to check the source on this one because if he has been married more than once, it would have been an illegal submission into the contest (only one owner per the description).  But I’m lazy and didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to her house to find out for myself 😉

I will be sending your prizes out very soon.  But don’t get too excited.  They are gifts that somebody else gave me a while back and they’ve been sitting around on my dresser collecting dust while I try to figure out if I am actually going to use them or not.  You’re welcome.

P.P.S. If you guys e-mail me your addresses to manysleeplessnightsblog {at} hotmail {dot} com, I will send your gifts out.  I’m actually serious about this one.


17 thoughts on “Who changed the date for Thanksgiving?!

  1. Squash! Roasted, stuffed, spaghetti, butternut, acorn, sweet, savory, it’s all good! And a salad with apples and nuts is always nice and green. We also do a glazed green beans and portabellas (with a pomegranate glaze). We also like homemade warm applesauce (great on turkey). Cornbread is often a crowd pleaser and most people (in my neck of the woods) also go for peas.

    You may want to prep in advance for using the leftover turkey bones/carcass and meat for soup/stock (so buy soup veges). You can find 10 lb turkeys, and since you’re supposed to average 1 lb/person, that’s really not a whole lot extra, provided you’ll eat 1-2 servings of leftovers.

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  3. Hey, I won. You have my email, don’t you? Anyway, it’s bastiancalves@ktis.net. I wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny if the jogger is actually a one owner model or not. LOL.

    As far as T-Day food….scalloped corn, rolls and fresh veggies with dip.

  4. DESSERTS!!! You forgot the most important part. Now I iknow here is where Greg says Fresh Apple Cake but I am more of a traditionalist, Pumpkin Pie and you have plenty. OR I could share the wonderful pumpkin cheesecake recipe I have. Remember our cooking/freezing episode?? You can always freeze the turkey leftovers and make turkey pot pie since your kids love it. I would opt for a fresh salad (7-10 layer!) instead of green bean casserole, but that is just me.

  5. Ok, so I want the recipe for the mac and cheese with corn that you were talking about and your Aunt Melinda’s corn recipe. We are having T-day dinner here and I am looking for something different. I am so used to Turkey in a bag (Ask your mom about it when you see her next!). Come on..spill the beans – or the corn!!!

  6. Hey its me! Lol I just went back there to see if there was a winner! Yippee I won something?! Cool beans!

    As for Thanksgiving this is the meal… every year… since I was born… never changes…. yeah Im not digging it!

    Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos and gravy, creamed corn cassarole with bread crumbs on top, carrots made in vinegar and bacon grease, rolls, and pies. There ya have it! When Scott and I build our house this will so be changing! BTW Ill FB you my address!

      • Just as it sounds, save your bacon grease for weeks, hell months! Put it in a jar in the fridge and save it. EVERYONE up here does that… well except me! You have to use bacon grease that has been used to fry the bacon in… no cheating and using some other sort of grease and it takes months to get this much grease… or hell bacon every day for at least a week.

        You get some canned carrots. She always makes a GINORMOUS pan full. Add in desired amount of bacon grease and vinegar. (hers is on the side of “oh hell the lid isnt even off the pan and I can smell the vinegar) and bake until grease and carrots are warm. Take out and serve.

        Since I NEVER EVER EVER make this I cant tell you specifics. I do know that the vinegar takes over allot of the smell and the grease takes over on the taste. And there are always little tiny bacon chunks in them. WAlla! There you have what I know about this dish!

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