Just keepin’ it real

Yesterday I was at home with little miss Adrianna who has another ear infection.  Honestly, I’m not so sure that it’s truly another ear infection as much as it is the same one that didn’t completely resolve after the last round of antibiotics.

You say tomato, I say tomatoe.

Even though I stayed home yesterday, I sent Brock to the babysitter’s house because I didn’t want  . . . I’m trying to think of a delicate way to phrase this . . . well, frankly, I didn’t want to put up with his shenanigans whilst dealing with a sickie.  Make that two sickies since Greg stayed home from work as well.

Related side note: To people without children but are thinking of procreating in the future, heed my warning: When your child is sick, do not let them cover you with slimy, snotty, slobbery kisses.  You (or in this particular case, your significant other) will get sick as well.  Two sick babies is always worse than one, so avoid the sweet, slobbery goodness unless you also would like to contract a case of the common cold (or Ebola as Greg described it yesterday).

Let me step off my soap-box & get back to the point of this particular post.

After I picked Brock up from daycare, I had to put gas in the minivan (how cliché am I?!).  I told him that since he was really good, he could go inside with me and get a Bug Juice.  As soon as we walked into the gas station, there were displays of candy bars, sodas, etc.  Try as I might, I cannot keep him from grabbing one of every type of candy there is. 

We finally settle on Reese’s pieces and I told him that he can’t have any until after dinner. 

We continue back toward the coolers to get his bug juice. 

He grabs another candy bar.

I grab his hand and tell him that he won’t like that kind because it has nuts in it.

He agrees that he doesn’t like nuts & wouldn’t like that particular candy bar.

He then, very loudly shouts, “But you do mom!  You wike nuts!  Right?  Right, mom?  You wike nuts!”

In an effort to shut him up and salvage a shred of my dignity, I grab the Snickers and we continue toward the coolers.

He chooses his Bug Juice.  The white one, of all things.

We get to the register.

We place our items on the counter.

He looks the cashier straight in the eye and yells, “My mom weally wikes nuts!”

I didn’t even bother trying to explain that my sweet, darling son meant the nuts in the candy bar.

When we finally got to the car, I died.

I’m linking in with Chantel over at My Thoughts & Treasures because a child’s mind is a treasure!


13 thoughts on “Just keepin’ it real

  1. I love it, Dad read it while we were having lunch and he started laughing! I don’t think it will embarrass him later in life, he could care less! Just wait until little Miss Princess starts talking good, then you will have two feeding off each other. I can’t wait but it is better than what he said at my house the other day right?? Poor Dog.
    Mom and Dad

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  3. Hahaha, that’s perfect. Oh dear, that is one thing I’m not entirely looking forward to for when I have kids. But you gotta love how they speak their minds 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up to Small Treasure Tuesdays!

  4. Ha! Funny! Brock’s comment to the cashier wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as your dear friend, Calendi’s, in-store outburst at the ripe old age of two. Not one for being tied down, she wasn’t happy with the fact that I made her sit down in the cart and hooked the little “seat belt” around her. She promptly shouted, “Mommy! Noooo! Don’t tie me up!”

    I’m w/ your Mom and Dad. Just wait ’til little Princess is able to TELL ON YOU.

    • After awhile, you just kind of reach a point where you become slightly more numb to the embarassment & can just pretend like nothing happened.

      Until you get to your car & then have a panic attack because now you can NEVER go back to that gas station and it was the clean one & then you realized that you’re pretty much screwed. 😀

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