Have you guys been over to check out my (quasi) cooking blog?  Today I posted a recipe that I love and have brought to pot luck dinners many times.  It’s super-easy, fast & delicious!  Later this week, I am going to post the recipe for my Grandma Liz’s delicious cranberry salad.  Cranberries have a bad reputation for being very tart and not alot of anything else and I’m here to set the record straight!  You will love cranberries after you try this recipe!

In related news, we had a carry-in at work today & I’m pretty sure I hit my calorie max for the week around plate #2.

I’m totally okay with that.

Until I weigh-in on Friday.

Excuse me while I loosen my belt.

Except I don’t wear a belt at work because I work in scrubs.

Well, crap.

But seriously?  Make the macaroni & cheese with corn dish.  You will thank me when everyone is gushing over what a great cook you are!

I’m linking this post in with Chantel over at My Thoughts & Treasures because my cooking is a tresure!


8 thoughts on “T-A-S-T-Y

  1. I am so bloated from the three plates of food, a piece of pecan and pumpkin pie. You should be impressed, I had three/fourths of my large piece of pumpkin pie. I did make room for the food in between the 1st and 2nd plate, so in about an hour the evacuation process will start. BTW you should email the cranberry jello recipe, it was quite delicious.

    • Or, you could check back in a few days and it will be posted. So so tasty. Grandma’s are so good at the whole . . . cooking thing 😀

      P.S. Don’t ever leave a comment on here again about your poop. That’s icky & it’s not that kind of blog, weirdo 😉

  2. Oh, was that the cranberry relish I made for you yesterday and you said it wasn’t as good as your usual salad?? I know it isn’t but it is a lot less work and I like semi tart things so I think it is pretty good.
    I can’t believe you are releasing your secret recipe for mac and cheese and corn. It is yummy and everyone asks for it when we have family dinners.
    Glad you had a great dinner today, now on the the big ones this weekend. See you early Thursday morning.

    • I know! I really hate to dis anything that is P-Dub, but Grandma’s cranberry salad is a hard one to beat!
      Technically, it’s not my recipe. I stole it from a former co-worker and she never swore me to secrecy so I’m pretty sure that we are okay.

  3. I’m a little behind: but thank you so much for linking up!!

    Those dishes sound excellent! Your cooking sure is a treasure! 🙂

    I’ll have to give the cranberry thing a try!

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