Review & Giveaway: Brodie & The Yeti children’s books

When I was contacted by Dennis Komick, author of Brodie & The Yeti, to do a review of his children books based on his real-life dogs, I was so excited!  He was so sweet and asked for the names of both kids so that his dogs could “autograph” the books along with him.

How cute are the pink paw prints?!

When we got the books in the mail, I let the kids (mostly Brock; he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to opening boxes) open the package.  They were so excited to see that there were 2 brand-new books inside!  Both of my kids love to read and as soon as they could get their little hands on the books, they were climbing into their daddy’s lap so he could read their new treasures to them.

Not only did Dennis write these books about his real-life dogs, he also illustrated both books & he even gave the kids a few temporary tattoos of the cover of the first book:

Brock loved both stories but his favorite was when Brodie got a new brother: The Yeti!  (Or The Neti as he called him).  He kept running around the house saying, “I want a brother like The Neti, Mom!”
Adrianna’s favorite part was flipping through each book and pointing to the pictures of the dogs while proudly saying, “Gog!”

What a great bedtime story!

Dennis also has a passion for pet adoption and he has the links to a couple of different adoption centers on his website:

Here is the best part:

One lucky Many Sleepless Nights reader is going to win a copy of both books!  Just in time for Christmas! 

Mandatory entry:

Leave me a comment telling me who you would give the books to if you were the lucky winner!

Additional entries:

-Be my friend on facebook (or request me if we aren’t already friends) & be sure to leave a comment telling me that we are!  If you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to count your entry?

-Follow me on twitter (@mommastemme) & be sure to leave a comment telling me that you follow me!  Again, following me isn’t enough!  I have to be reminded so leave a comment!

Good luck!

Legal jargon: I was supplied a copy of both books in exchange for a review.  However, all opinions & anecdotes are 100% mine.  Besides, I’m a horrible liar & you would be able to tell if I were making this stuff up.  Sorry my Canadian friends, you guys aren’t eligible 😦


15 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Brodie & The Yeti children’s books

  1. Ok, I would keep the books here for the grandchilren I have and the future ones I will have. We read at least one book each time they come over and have a great time reading.
    Did you think I would give them to anyone else?

  2. Ya know… I should be studying my medical stuff for my test at work, but couldn’t pass this one up! I would give them to my little guy and share them with his cousin. 🙂

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  6. I would love to give the books to Ariana of course but would leave them with her Grandma Liz because Ariana spends a lot of time there but doens’t have many books there.

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  8. I would give the books to Hayden, Katie and Emilie…my babies! They are book lovers too!! 🙂

    We are friends on FB…AND in real life! hehehe.

  9. I think I would give the books to Isabelle’s preschool class. Our bookshelves are overflowing so much half the toyboxes are full of books!

    I can always part with toys, but I cannot get rid of books!

    We are FB friends too.

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