I’ve got a fever

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I was woken up at 4:45 this morning by my sweet little daughter yelling, “Hey! Hey!  Mama!  Hey, mama!”

As Greg & I lay in bed, bemoaning Adrianna’s early wake-up calls and I said, “It’s okay.  I was having a weird dream anyway.  I’d rather be awake.”

He half-mumbled a response that was something like, “What was your dream about, my darling beautiful wife?”

To which I responded, “I dreamt I was at the doctor’s office and Justin Beiber was my doctor.  I wasn’t even freaked out about him being there but the weirdest thing was that he kept holding my hand and singing his diagnoses to me.”

Greg’s response?

“Huh.  Sounds like you’ve got a fever.  Beiber fever.”

And then he promptly rolled back over and started snoring again.

And now I can’t stop singing The Beib’s songs.

It’s going to be a very long day.

I’m linking up this post with Chantel over at My Thoughts & Treasures because The Beib invading my dreams is a treasure.  Kinda.


6 thoughts on “I’ve got a fever

  1. I really had to laugh at this one. that is really funny, beiber fever… I really thought you had a fever… you didn’t look sick alittle bit ago.

  2. This had me cracking up laughing…maybe because I can totally relate. A couple days ago at 2am I hear “hey mom…psssssst mom..” {she’s 5yrs old} Me: why are you up at this time of day? Her: I cannot get comfortable. Me: I’m very sorry but I am maybe you need to try again…this time make it comfortable b/c you’re not getting up again right? Her: fine. you basically just told me to go back to bed..Me: you are a smart cookie. My husband wakes up and says who is eating cookies?

    Just dropping in from the Chickadee hop..I’d love to have come visit me over at undeservingrace.com

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