Random Reason #874 why I love my husband

The man is full of surprises.

Despite the fact that I’ve known him since I was 3 years old, he still manages to surprise me every now & then.

I love the quirky surprising things like Bon Jovi is his all-time favorite band or that he bought Brock a copy of a Shel Silverstein book of poems while he was still baking because that was one of his favorite books when he was younger.

But some things?

Some things catch me so completely off-guard, I am speechless.

You want an example?

Brace yourself.

The man knows how to lattice an apple pie.

Let me repeat that nugget of information:

Greg.  My husband.  The man who gets upset when I put clips in our son’s hair, knows how to lattice an apple pie.

Look at the attention to detail.

He buttered the lattice.

He sprinkled sugar & cinnamon over the top.

It’s like I don’t even know him.

He even turned on Adrianna when she tried to sneak a taste of his masterpiece:

But, alas!  She was too quick for his defenses.

Move aside, Martha Stewart!  Greg Stemme is edging you out for the best homemaker of all time!

It may look pretty.

But how does it taste?


I would give you my professional opinion, but I just slipped into a coma of deliciousness that was induced by warm apple pie & cold vanilla ice cream.


13 thoughts on “Random Reason #874 why I love my husband

  1. Haha. I love this. My husband can’t even make toast without almost burning down our last apartment. Can I please borrow yours for a while? 🙂

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