Dear Brock

Dear Brock,

My sweet first-born child.  The person that came kicking & screaming into this world more than 2 weeks before your due date because you just couldn’t wait one more minute.  You are the (first) person that connected your Daddy & I in a way that we never knew existed before you came along.  When you were a tiny baby, your Daddy & I would just stare at you for hours on end.  We were in complete and utter awe of the beautiful person that we had created.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, we have continued to watch in awe.  You are amazing.  You are brilliant beyond your years.  You are sensitive to the needs of others; especially kids that are younger than you.  You love to play independently in the toy room but you always want to know where everybody in our family is at all times. You are so very inquisitive & have a thirst for knowledge.  You love to read & count & each day it seems you have a new skill to proudly show off.

As I laid in bed with you last night and snuggled you (at your request), I gave you a gentle squeeze and smelled your head.  Something I used to do so often when you were a brand-new baby.  I would breathe in your intoxicating new-baby scent and try my hardest to memorize everything.  The overwhelming love that I felt when you would gaze into my eyes.  The wonderment of God’s grace when you would wrap your tiny hand around my finger.  The fullness of my heart when you would smile in your sleep.

As I did that last night, I realized that my tiny baby boy is gone.  And, in his place, is a sweet, compassionate, stubborn, brilliant little boy. 

A boy who plays peek-a-boo with his sister when they are supposed to be taking naps. 

A boy who can already quote movie lines; albeit they are from Toy Story & Ice Age. 

A boy who loves to eat green beans at dinner because you want to grow up strong like your daddy.

A boy who loves to help me cook.

A boy who constantly tests my patience.

A boy who always keeps me honest.

A boy who your Daddy & I love more that you will know until you have babies of your own some day.

Your Daddy & I hope that you never lose site of the amazing boy that you are.




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