Santa, the list, & a brand-new microwave

Last night, Greg and I took the kids to see Santa.  Because we are about to squeeze the belt even tighter than usual on our budget and because we (read: Greg) are a little bit bumpkin, we decided to forego the Santa at the mall this year & we went to Bass Pro!

The Bass Pro santa was super cute with a real beard (that Brock couldn’t stop touching) & the best part?  We got a picture for free!  There wasn’t any pressure to buy any of the packages and we stood in line for less than 5 minutes!  Awesomesauce.

On the way there, we were trying to prep Brock so he wouldn’t freak out when we plopped him on a stranger’s lap.  We asked him what he was going to ask Santa for and he thought for just a minute before he said, “Donuts!”

Greg and I were both like, “Damn!  If we knew that’s all he wanted we could have saved some money!”  Apparently Brock is getting donuts in his stocking this year because Santa promised him that he would bring him some.

Adrianna was less than thrilled with Santa.  She is very much in the stranger-anxiety phase and if anybody besides her parents or grandparents are holding her and a stranger so much as even thinks about looking at her, she gives them the death stare and then buries her head in the shoulder of whomever is holding her.

She does this with people that aren’t strangers, too.  My grandparents, our friends that she has seen hundreds of times, other extended family.  If a person is trying to talk to her that is not in her “circle”, she doesn’t like it.

So when I put her on Santa’s lap and had the audacity to walk away, she started crying.  And I’m not just talking about a few whimpers.  She was screaming so loudly & with such gusto, you would think that Santa was cutting her arm off with a dull knife.

The photographer snapped the picture, I picked up my screeching child & she hugged me like she was never going to let go.

Sorry for the crappy quality. It's a picture of a picture.

All-in-all I think Santa was a success and if all Brock wants for Christmas is donuts, we have some returns to make 😉

Speaking of not having a segue into a new topic . . . .

Have you checked out my 101 things in 1001 days list lately?  Today I crossed off item #25 which means that I’m 0.25% away from being 1/4 of the way finished!  (If it were only 100 items, I would be 1/4 of the way done, but I gotta keep it honest!).  I’ve got a few other things in the works to get some more items crossed off my list and when we go to Vegas this summer, I figured that I would be able to get 8-10ish done.  Yay for me for not totally abandoning a project that I started!

Finally, we have been without a microwave for the past month.

::pause for reaction::

I have no idea how people did it before microwaves.  Seriously.  It adds another load of dishes just to warm up leftovers!  Maybe that’s why people had so many kids.  Then there weren’t any leftovers to have to re-heat on the stove top!

At any rate, we had a microwave and one day it just stopped working.  Greg took it apart & decided that it would be cheaper to just buy a new one rather than fix it.  We found an above-the-range one that we liked that Best Buy was practically giving away on Black Friday so we ordered it online.

I will never order anything from Best Buy again.  They had terrible customer service, they ended up charging us for two microwaves (& still haven’t refunded us), they told us that it was in the store and when I went to pick it up, they said it was in the warehouse.  Then the warehouse said that it had been in the store the entire time.  Bah!


We have our new beautiful microwave & I know better than to shop at Best Buy anymore.

Somehow there are mysterious fingerprints above the numbers. Obviously I need to clean my house more often.


3 thoughts on “Santa, the list, & a brand-new microwave

  1. Does he think Papa is Santa Claus? He was so excited that Papa bought him donuts for Monday. He is too funny. I think he cried when he was Adrianna’s age. Once she figures out that he gives her presents, she will start liking him.
    I would have thought you all would have learned your lesson from Best Buy and the camera! Oh well, just remember from now on. I still haven’t looked for those recipes but hopefully will tomorrow when I am cooking,
    Nan and Papa

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