Thank you, Secret Santa

Way back when I was pregnant with Adrianna (holy schnikes!  2 years have flown by!), I met an amazing group of women on the internet that were also baking babies.  We became friends despite only having met via the interwebz and being separated my several hundred miles, we have remained friends even after we had our babies.  Last year when the babies were still babies (& not toddlers!), we decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Adrianna got a pair of socks that said “Diva”, a Sophie giraffe teether & some inserts for her cloth diapers from her friend Addy:

Admiring her gifts

Meeting Sophie for the first time

Nom nom nom

Um, can we just take a minute to marvel at how teeny tiny my baby girl was just a year ago?

::Sigh::  They grow up so fast.

Well, we had so much fun doing the gift exchange last year, we decided to do it again this year!

Adrianna’s secret Santa was so incredibly thoughtful that they sent two gifts so that both kids could have something.

Did I mention how much I love these ladies?

Despite getting two gifts, they still fought over the bigger one.

In case you were wondering, that’s me telling them to share.

It’s a good thing my husband loves me despite my love affair with sweat pants.

Brock absolutely loved it! 

One of the gifts that they received was the Crayola Color Me a Song.  You put a piece of paper down on the board and the faster you color, the faster it plays a song!  How cool is that?!  Brock immediately ran into the toy room to get their crayons and started coloring.  When he was done, he ran to me breathlessly & said, “Mom!  I made you a pitcher wif muuuuusic!  Can I hang it on da fwidge?!”

The other gift was a travel sized Magna-Doodle.  They have a couple of full-sized ones and a few travel-sized ones but we could always use another!  Those things are so handy to have in the car if you need to buy a few minutes of peace & quiet 🙂

Thank you so much “Santa”!  We love our gifts & I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing women!


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Secret Santa

  1. And what better time for the gifts to come, when they have been cooped up in the house because of the terrible weather! What a great bunch of internet friends you have.

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