Gingerbread house FAIL

Yesterday, I wrote about some of our typical Christmas traditions.  Last year, Greg & I thought it would be fun to build a Gingerbread house with Brock.


This year, we decided that we should do it again!



Hmmmmmm . . . . maybe she won’t notice if I eat some of the icing . . .



I thought I was ahead of the game this year because I actually read the directions.


Apparently I missed the part that said to only ice & decorate the walls & base first.


I yelled for Greg’s help and his building expertise was of no help.

My roof was too heavy.


I was left with two choices:

Hold the walls for 45 minutes while the icing dried & glued everything together while Brock picked off the candy & laughed maniacally:

Or let go:

Now instead of a gingerbread house, we have 8 gingerbread cookies with lots of icing & candy.

Maybe I will get it right next year!

Do you have fun traditions that you like to do with your family?  Tell me all about them!


2 thoughts on “Gingerbread house FAIL

  1. Did B stay in his PJs all day? Just kidding. Too bad all those carpentry skills didn’t come in handy. He should have reinforced the trussed rafters so it would hold all that snow.
    Nan and Papa

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