Menu planning: Week 5

Sunday: Pioneer Woman’s fried chicken (one of the awesome recipes that are only in her cookbook)

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Lasagna & Pioneer Woman’s awesome bread

Wednesday: Sausage & cabbage (chicken nuggets for the kids, I’m sure)

Thursday: clean-out-the-fridge-so-we-have-room-for-Christmas-goodies er, leftovers

Friday: Christmas Eve!  I’m sure we will be eating a metric ton in all-things full of holiday deliciousness.

Saturday: Christmas Day!  See above menu.


Upon review of the above menu, I realize that I have two-ish problems.

1) I might be a teensy bit obsessed with Pioneer Woman.

a) Just to clarify: I’m not creepy.  I promise to only love her from afar.  Unless she makes her love for me known.  Then I will move to Oklahoma and do her bidding.

2) My weight-loss plan is totally out the window this week.

3) My high school English teacher would be horrified by the structure of this outline.  There is an “a” with no “b”.  There aren’t any supporting arguments under #2.  Please forgive me, Mrs. Webb.


6 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 5

  1. You make me a tiny bit obsessed with you but mostly because you make me laugh my ass off all.the.time. and because it creeps my hubby out. (hey whats wrong with a little online love?) But ANYWAYS Pioneer woman actually makes me want to cook or atleast eat. MMmm pretty pictures of food. Ok so I sound like a crazy online stalker, thanks you’re rubbing off on me. 🙂

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