Pioneer Woman cookbook recipe #2

I’m really on a roll (badumpcha!) with my new cookbook!

As I was browsing my brand-new baby the other day, Greg was leering over my shoulder making suggestions about which recipes I should start with.  Cinnamon rolls were at the top of his list.

For a long time, I was afraid of cooking with yeast.  I’m not really sure why but I was always scared that it wouldn’t rise and I would ruin whatever I was cooking.

Or that it would rise too much & it would take over my kitchen like some weird, doughy version of The Blob.

Last night, I faced my fear:

Mmmmmmmm.  Warm, doughy goodness!

Since I was rolling out a piece that was supposed to be roughly 30in x 10in, I wanted to be sure to put down enough flour so my dough wouldn’t stick to the counter.

Obviously I used too much.  But flour is cheap and I used what was leftover for the rest of the dough.

As you roll the dough, don’t worry if the filling oozes out.  Just lick your fingers & keep on trucking.  You do want to be sure to pinch the seam together though.  This will (mostly) prevent the roll from unravelling.

Holy crap; that’s a big log.

3 . . .

2 . . .

1 . . .

That’s what she said.

After the rolls are cut you want to place them in a buttered dish & let them rise at least 20 minutes before throwing them into the oven.  At least, that’s what The Pioneer Woman says.  You must trust The Pioneer Woman.

Oh, sweet heaven on a platter.  You will be mine.

Okay, so I used a little too much icing.  But.  I would rather them have too much icing than not enough.  Who’s with me?!

Things I loved:

  • The way my kitchen smelled.
  • Cinnamon + sugar + butter = heavenly manna
  • Getting over my irrational fear of screwing up a recipe that involves yeast.
  • How surprisingly easy the recipe was!
  • Having Greg propose marriage.  Again. 


Things I hated:

  • Cleaning up the mess.
  • Getting chastised by Greg for even thinking about bringing a pan to work this morning.  He finally relented but only after I showed him that I made 1/2 the batch & the other 1/2 was in the fridge ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Things I learned:

  • Don’t be afraid of cooking with yeast.  It’s not nearly as bad as I had imagined.  I might even try making biscuits soon!
  • Be patient.  When the recipe tells you to let the dough rise for an hour, cover it with a clean tea towel, set a timer & walk away.  Do not lift the towel before the timer goes off.  You will be rewarded handsomely if you comply.  I was anyway!  I was paid in warm, gooey cinnamon rolls.
  • Use a little less icing next time.

Want the recipe for yourself?  Here you go!

Just in case anybody is keeping track: 2 down, 63 to go!


10 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman cookbook recipe #2

    • Well, I kinda pushed the weigh-ins to Friday because . . . um . . . well, I don’t really have a good reason other than it gives me a couple of extra days to shed my weekend weight. I love PW! She is amazing!

  1. You better work on biscuits, you know your daddy will expect biscuits and gravy on Christmas Eve morning and none of those canned biscuits for him. Let me know if you are not and I will make them tomorrow night!
    They look yummy, you could have those on Christmas eve morning as well. LOVE CARBS.

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  3. Ohh…I’ve never made cinnamon roll icing w/ maple and coffee. Was it as good as it looks?? I was going to do my best NOT to make all the recipes in PW’s cookbook…but I can see that idea will be a big fail. They look too good ❤

  4. Holy crap that’s a lot of icing. Did you give those poor rolls a snorkel? I’m bummed that I couldn’t have one today. I was over-sugared by the rest of the hospital. I’m still buzzing.

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