Maddox Eugene

Remember the beautiful pregnant girl that I took maternity pictures of?

Well guess what?!

She had her baby!

Baby Maddox came just over 3 weeks early & when the proud parents asked me if I would come over & take some pictures of him, I couldn’t wait!

What do you guys think?  Is he cute or what?!

He was so mad at me for interrupting his nap!

Such a happy family!


4 thoughts on “Maddox Eugene

  1. You are awesome at taking pics! I know something i regret is not getting pictures taken of me when i was pregnant, so if i ever do decided to get pregnant again, i know who i am calling 🙂 !!

    • Aw, thanks! I just kinda dabble here & there but I would love to do it as a side job one day. ::sigh:: One lifetime isn’t enough to accomplish all of my dreams!

      And if you guys do have another one, definitely give me a call!

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