Valuable lessons

Last week Adrianna and I both had strep throat.

After a few days of feeling like death warmed over and a couple of days on antibiotics, we were both on the mend.

Then this weekend, Greg and Brock ended up with a little stomach bug which they, so sweetly, passed on to me.

Over the past week & a half, I’ve had some time to reflect over some very important lessons that I’ve learned and I would like to share them with you now.

Lesson #1: A toilet bowl can never be clean enough.

Lesson #2: One bathroom in a house of 3 people with a stomach bug is not enough.

Lesson #3: Dishes & laundry should stop when you are sick, but they actually multiply when you are trapped in the bathroom.

Lesson #4: High fevers make you have strange dreams.  I recommend having a notebook & pen next to your bed so you can write them down to blog about them later.

Lesson #5: Men are the biggest babies on the planet when they are sick.

Lesson #6: Men don’t understand why you can’t clean the house, cook meals, bathe the children & be your overall awesome self when you have the exact same illness that they have.

Lesson #7: It’s usually not a good idea to blog when still slightly sick & slightly bitter.

Lesson #8: Daytime TV is horrible.  Thank the good Lord for DVR.

Lesson #9: I need to dust my ceiling fans more often.

Lesson #10: Weight loss is a piece of cake when you spend several days at a time in bed & when you do get out of bed, it is to go to the bathroom to vomit or poop.

Lesson #11: Oversharing with blog readers is always a bad idea but you usually don’t realize it until you hit publish.


6 thoughts on “Valuable lessons

  1. Well, it seems like you are on a roll with this weight loss thing. May you improve enough that you don’t have to rely on this as a continual weight loss.

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