Menu planning: Week 6

Even though I’m a little late getting this posted this week, it’s here!  Since originally typing this up, I’ve had to change things around a few times since we got sick but that’s the beauty of it.  If it doesn’t work for us, we can just change it up!

Sunday: We were struck by a stomach bug so nobody ate dinner.

Monday: breakfast food including scrambled eggs, toast & sausage.  And mashed potatoes for Adrianna.  Kids are weird, man.

Tuesday: Pioneer Woman’s beef tenderloin.  Except we have deer tenderloin so I’m going to use that instead.  I’m scared, you guys.  I’m sure this interesting process will be documented so stay tuned.

Wednesday: leftovers.  Or frozen pizza if the tenderloin is a bust.

Thursday: Lasagna with garlic cheese toast

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: Possible date night.  If not, then I might make stuffed pork chops with garlic mashed potatoes.

What are you cooking this week?!


8 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 6

  1. One of my goals for the new year is less frozen pizza. The kids and I would eat it every day I think. Anyhow, that means menu planning!

    We had breakfast Sunday night- eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, french toast sticks

    Monday- homemade stroganoff (sirloin browned then sliced and cooked in a can of cream of mushroom, plus egg noodles. Keith actually LIKED it! That NEVER happens!!) for Keith, egg noodles, chicken breast and broccoli for me (with a little butter and parm, and a LOT of garlic salt)

    Kids had a little of each, which Isabelle disected to make sure there was no meat in…

    Tuesday- Fast food for me and Isabelle and probably pizza for the guys. Dont know, wont be there LOL

    Wed- steak for Keith, veggie buger for me. Some veggies and salad. KFJ for the kids 🙂

    Thurs- I think tiliapia. Fish sticks for the picky kids. Rice and veggies/mac and cheese depending on the plate. Meaning Keith will eat mac and cheese. And maybe Eli.

    Fri- Maybe cheese tortillini?

    My family is a PITA.

  2. Good luck with the tenderloin! I used PW’s for the catfish from our deer and used lemon pepper also to season it and turned out so tender! I am jealous b/c haven’t gotten my own cookbook of hers yet but REALLY want it!!!

  3. We are not good at meal planning but Andy and I watched Man V. Food the other day so we are going to make burgers this week and put the patties over rice, put egg over it and cover it with gravy. Hope it tastes as good as it looked on tv.

    • I have never been great at it but within the last year or so when I started to get more excited about cooking, it just seemed to make more sense, ya know? If I had my way, I would cook something different every night but my fridge would be full & my wallet would be begging for mercy! Menu planning is a good way to balance myself out and to use up the food in my freezer 😀

      That heart attack on a bun sounds AMAZING.


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