Pioneer Woman recipe #4: Roasted beef (deer) tenderloin

Back during deer season, Greg got a nice-sized buck.  The only trouble with that is that deer meat is much better if it is from a doe because bucks are much more muscular & the meat is not as tender.  But Greg has a friend that was more than willing to take the meat even though Greg wanted the tenderloins out of it.

Greg is so popular.

We (read: Greg) cut out the tenderloins & threw them in the freezer & told me that it was my job to find a recipe for them.

I was a little apprehensive about cooking deer meat in another form besides jerky but I figured that I would give it a try when I saw Pioneer Woman’s roasted beef tenderloin.

One of Greg’s buddies told him that, in order to get the “gamey” taste out of deer meat, you should soak it in salt water for 3 days before you cook it.

I got impatient & only soaked it about a day & a half before I decided to try the recipe.

Just after pan-searing the meat, just after putting it in the oven:

Oh, help me Rhonda:

Brock was so excited!

Well, not really.  He said it was weird to eat a deer.  He licked it and then spit it out.  He ate the shit outta the mashed potatoes though!

Cooked to perfection!

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my face.

Things I loved:

  • making my own rub!  It was so easy & cheap!
  • Having a husband around to cut off all of the extra fat on the tenderloin.  That’s alot of work, man.
  • How easy the recipe was.
  • How delicious the deer was and how, if I didn’t know it, I would have thought it was beef.

Things I hated:

  • That I didn’t try this recipe sooner!
  • I wish the rub called for more salt.  Next time I will remedy that.

Things I learned:

  • Remember to completely dry the meat before you put it in the searing-hot pan.  Grease splatters are gross & messy & dangerous.
  • Save your bacon fat.  You must trust The Pioneer Woman.
  • The pictures above were only one tenderloin that was cut in half.  We still have another one in the freezer.  Me thinks I might make it again for a party.  It would be delicious cut into smaller pieces and served as little appetizers.
  • Served with garlic mashed potatoes will get you much affection from your family.
  • When you don’t bring enough leftovers to work, your co-workers follow you around like a lost little puppy

Now I need your honest opinion.  Should I publish the recipes or do you think I would get in trouble with P-Dub?  Even if I gave her full credit (obviously).  Also, if I do publish them, should I put them on my food blog with all of the other recipes but provide the link so you guys know where to find them?

Help a sister out.

Give me your opinions.  I know you got ’em.

Edit: I found a recipe that is posted on Pioneer Woman’s website for another beef tenderloin but it’s not the same one that is published in her cookbook.  It still looks delicious but I felt that the disclaimer was necessary.

Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Beef Tenderloin via her website


6 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman recipe #4: Roasted beef (deer) tenderloin

  1. Looks delicious, Tara. I think if you want to publish the recipes, you’d be best to just post a link to the recipe on her site. Keeps it all good in the legal arena.

    • Haha, I told Greg the other day that I’m sort of morally opposed to meat when I think about it as a former living thing. But it’s just too damn tasty to pass up!

      I will get right to work on some easy chicken recipes for you, dahling.

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