Son, people are gonna be callin’ you that for a long time

On Christmas Eve, we were over at my maternal grandparents’ house celebrating with most of our extended family (some people weren’t there because they had just gotten home from the hospital after having their new baby boy!).  After the kids tore apart their stockings & presents, Brock discovered that he was the proud new owner of a shiny, red . . . apple?

Our stockings are usually stuffed with little trinkets & knickknacks & Santa usually throws in a piece of fruit like an apple or an orange.

Both of the kids love apples and as soon as Brock saw his, he grabbed it & ran over to Greg for him to take the stem out.

Our last name is constantly mispronounced as “Stem” & it’s always been a joke between Greg & I.

When Brock brought Greg his apple to take the stem off, Greg just sighed and said, “Son, people are going to be callin’ you that for the rest of your life.”

Without missing a beat, Brock said, “What?  Apple boy?!”

That kid cracks my shit up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is hosting a blog-a-day/week event where you are encouraged to blog everyday (or week if that’s a challenge for you) for 2011.  Since I started off this year sick & missed a few days, I’m going to start now & see how long I can make it!  Some posts might not be full of the most thought-provoking material but I’m going to give it a whirl!  I always talk about how I want to be a writer someday and how can that happen if I don’t take the time to . . .  write.  Right?  So here we go!  If you have suggestions for blog topics or stories that you want to know about, leave me a comment!  I really really want to hear what you have to say 😀


10 thoughts on “Son, people are gonna be callin’ you that for a long time

  1. Just imagine if you’d gone with the middle name your mom suggest for him. He could’ve been Brock Lee Stemme. Bahahahah! Our family always gets a big laugh outta that one!

  2. Well it is better than Brock Henry that his grandpa calls him. Melinda, you always were a rebel. All of us conformed and gave our oldest child the middle name of Lee and since Greg’s is Lee as well, I thought it would be cute. Brock Lee is a lot easier to say than Brock David.

  3. hahahaha….Brock Lee Stemme! I probably would’ve named him that just because it’s hilarious! I know….mean…right? And you gotta love how he’s given himself a new nickname. He’s a funny boy!!

    Anyway, I figure I’ve been seriously slacking on commenting on your blog. So I thought I’d come stalk you today.

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