We have nothing to worry about, right?

On Sunday morning, Greg’s best friend, his wife & their two boys came over to (finally!) celebrate Christmas.  We’ve all been so stinkin’ busy that we decided to put it off for a little bit & let the hubbub from the holidays die down a bit before we got together.

They came over to our house around 9am and I had breakfast ready.  We feasted on cinnamon rolls, biscuits & gravy, bacon & eggs.  Brock actually did really well and ate almost everything that Greg put on his plate!  The other three couldn’t be bothered with sitting down & eating so they each took about 2 bites before they were off & running again.

After breakfast, the kids wanted to watch Monsters, Inc. so we all piled onto the couches in the living room & started the movie.

Just a few minutes into the movie, we looked down to see this:


Our sweet baby girl snuggled on her couch with her almost 7-year old buddy!  What the crap is that about?!

Of course, Greg pointed his finger at his friend and said, “You better get your son under control!”

Obviously we were joking & they were just being snuggle-buddies but still.  We’ve got to get our eyes peeled.

“Why?” you ask?

About 10 minutes later, we look down to see this:

Adrianna sitting next to the other little boy!  What the heck?!

We broke up their little love fest by suggesting that we open presents.  Of course the kids were all for that!

We got the boys Nerf guns which their parents were less than pleased with but I still maintain that it was Greg’s idea to get those . . .

Brock & Adrianna each got a book, Adrianna got a baby doll & Brock got Christmas Alex (Brockenese for the Christmas version of Madagascar)

We had so much fun & it’s so nice to get together with our friends.  The kids are so close in age & they had such a blast destroying the toy room & the kids’ bedroom.

At one point, I heard Brock yell, “Hey guys!  Let’s jump on my bed again!”

Oh my.

Greg & I may never get our house back to its original condition.

And it was totally worth it.


4 thoughts on “We have nothing to worry about, right?

  1. My kids got their first nerf guns this year. Good times.

    Luckily, they have to be cocked to shoot and the kids have a hard time doing that without help. Once they can, I am screwed.

  2. Well, you know she is a princess and they can have as many boys in waiting as they want. Didn’t you read the princess manual??? Who are you kidding, she will sit on anybody’s lap that will let her, they just happened to be handy (no offense boys! she loves you) and at her height so she didn’t have to ask to be picked up.
    As far as jumping on the bed, Brock says he is not really jumping, just bouncing, like that makes all the difference in the world.
    Nan and Papa

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