Back to school

Remember when I said that Greg was going back to school part-time to finish his degree?

Well, after much thought & planning & discussion, he (we) decided to take the plunge & go back full-time!  He ended up transferring to a different school than where he was last semester because the new school took all of his transfer credits from the first two years that he was in school which actually bumped his estimated graduation date to December 2012 (rather than December 2013)!

On Monday, he had to go to campus to get his student ID (yay! cheaper movie tickets!), to ensure that all of his financial aid stuff was taken care of & to verify that he was enrolled in the correct classes.

On Tuesday, he had his first full-day of classes & I might have made him pose by the front door.  He might have threatened to divorce me if I took more than one picture.

That was a joke.


I think.

He said he wanted to dress down to keep the ladies away from him.

He was also a party-pooper and refused to pose with his backpack.

He told me that I was lucky that he let me take his picture.

I told him that he was lucky to be married to me because I remember to document these important milestones.

He rolled his eyes & said, “It doesn’t count as a good deed if you are just doing it for blog material.”

Pshaw!  I can’t believe that he would even think

Okay, fine.  I took the picture with every intention of posting it here.

But.  He never complains when I take potentially embarrassing pictures of the kids & post them.

In fact, he encourages me to take pictures of & tell stories about the kids.

Men have such double standards.


6 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Awwwwww, your little man is growing up. *tear* That is too funny. What a buzz kill, I wanted it to be the full on back-pack, and button up shirt first day of school picture. What is wrong with him!!! Hehe

    Are you happy now????? Comment made! 🙂

  2. So glad I am taking on-line classes and don’t have to dress up for school. Hope he enjoys it and it goes by super fast. The drive can be a killer (like you didn’t know that) but it is just for a short time,then he will be driving to work every day!
    Thanks for the photo.
    Nan and Papa

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