Toddler Talk Thursday: Loveys

Welcome to week 22 of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom Talk all things Toddler!
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 Let’s welcome to Toddler Talk


 This week’s topic is : Toddler Lovey’s
This week’s topic is so incredibly easy for me, I almost feel like I’m cheating a little bit.  At a baby shower for Brock, somebody (I can’t even remember who, despite looking through all of my gift lists) gave us a little stuffed dog.  It’s basically a beanie baby but bigger.  Initially, it went up in Brock’s stuffed animal hammock that we kept above his crib with all of the other stuffed animals we got as gifts. 
When Brock was about 6 months old, Greg and I decided to go through the hammock & thin out some of the animals & test which ones Brock actually liked & which ones we should donate to Goodwill.
He snuggled some.
He nommed on some.
He hated some.
But there was one in particular that caught his attention.
We like to call him, “Brown Dog Stemme”

Holy mother of pearl.  Look at how tiny my baby boy was!  ::sigh::

Brown Dog sleeps with Brock:

Brown Dog is even such a big part of our family, he made the cut for family pictures (taken when I was pregnant with Sissy):

Brock doesn’t always like to share Brown Dog though:

And when Adrianna got old enough, only having one dog really became a problem.

Now we have three.

Each kid has their own & there is a backup in case one of them gets dunked in the toilet.

Or dropped in the snow.

Or is the unfortunate victim of a golden shower.

Or is just so damn filthy that it needs a “bath”.

The day that Brock wants to leave Brown Dog behind is going to be a sad day for his momma.

Hopefully it won’t be until he leaves for college.  Because, let’s face it, I will already be an emotional wreck that day so what are a few more tears?

What loveys do your kids have or had in the past?

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14 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday: Loveys

    • We had to search & search because it had been discontinued! We finally caved and bought one on Ebay. At the time, I thought it was horribly expensive, but it has saved us many a meltdowns!

  1. We are a blanky family.

    Isabelle has what was once a beautiful soft pale pink chenille blanket with a bunny head on one corner. It is now, despite hundreds (ok, maybe not HUNDREDS, but I do wash it) of washings, an awful grey-brown. And threadbare and rough and scratchy. The bunny’s eyes and mouth have unraveled and its head is barely hanging on. I tried to get an extra for a rotation, but my aunt that live in Buffalo NY bought it at a Tuesday Morning (overstock type store). Googled every bit of info on the tag, posted it to many a Mommy sight but never found another.

    Eli latched on to a blanket I got from April (Kennon) Custard at Isabelle’s baby shower. Actually tagged her in a picture with it this morning! Its yellow satin on one side, velour-ish on the other. MUST HAVE.

    And even little Henry has a blanket he is becoming attached to! It was actually Bradleys I believe. It is a soft blue cable knit.

    They come by it honestly though. I have to have a blanket to snuggle to sleep myself 🙂

  2. What kind of impact have Loveys had on my children?! Let’s talk about the impact my lovey has on ME! I will be the first to admit that I STILL, after my 26.5 years of existence, sleep with the pink dog my aunt got me the day I was born. His name is Doggie, and I would be CRUSHED if my boyfriend (yes, the one I live with!), told me I had to get rid of him. I attribute this to the fact that my mother LOST (i.e. left it in a hotel room) my pink blankie that came with Doggie when I was little. My mom still gets upset whenever I bring it up. Moral of the story: do not EVER lose your kids’ loveys or they will resent you for the rest of your life.

      • That is great advice – and I still sleep with my lovey too – that ratty blanket has seen better days and is minutes from pure disinegration, but I totally think my crazy attachment to this is bc it was lost at one point – I made my parents turn around after realizing 1 hour from the rest stop I didn’t have it or my bunny – my bunny was never found…

        How adorable are these brown dog pictures! So stinking cute! Glad you found replacements!!

  3. Well, Brown Dog and Elle are our granddoggers just like Lily and Margo, sheesh, we have more granddoggers than grandchildren! It is cute until you tell them somewhere won’t allow pets (like the library!) and at first it was a struggle but now they are ok, we tell them to be good puppies while we are at story time. And amazingly enough they are good, never having an accident in the car or chewing on stuff. Good dogs.
    Nan and Papa

  4. Such great pictures of you little guy and Brown Dog. The end of your post makes me think of Toy Story 3. Have you seen it yet? If not, ya gotta see it.

  5. Ahh yes, they are part of the family and I love that pic! Such a classic. Now Baby M only sleeps with her lovey at night. It’s sad, I ask her if she wants to take him, she says “nah!” And we to never had a back up… although she went through about three of them, but didn’t love them, she just got attached to a new one…

    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

    • My kids still carry their dogs everywhere they go! And if we leave them at the house, it’s.a.disaster.

      I really think I will cry when they decide that they are too big for their loveys 😦

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