Um, I really don’t even know what to title this post

Especially since I already used one that was something like, “Kids are weird”

Because, honestly?  Kids are weird.  I could write a post nearly every day based on that premise.

One day last week, Greg was out & about doing something, I was in the kitchen & the kids were playing (mostly) peacefully in the toy room.

Brock came busting into the kitchen & said, “Momma!  I have to show you sumfing!” and then he ran into the living room.

I followed him & this is what I saw:

He wanted to show me that he sort-of figured out how to play his paddle ball.

Uh . . . well . . . I guess that could be considered the most interesting thing about that picture.

But just for argument’s sake, let’s review:

Toy Story-themed (soft) baseball bat? 


Paddle ball?

Check.  Obviously.

Oscar the Grouch snow hat?


Brown Dog?

Again.  An obvious check.

Part of Adrianna’s Halloween costume on Brown Dog’s head so he wouldn’t be left out of the fun?


No pants?


I really really hope that he never ever finds my blog.

He will be bigger than me one day & he might remember posts like these.

But really, I can just count these embarrassing pictures as payback for the times that he yells (really loudly) in public, “Mom!  You no have a penis, right?  But I do.  And so does Daddy!  But you’re not a boy so you no have one.  You onwy have a bottom.”


6 thoughts on “Um, I really don’t even know what to title this post

  1. I have a hard time finding pictures of my kids with all their clothes on. Its ok. You can only (acceptably) run around half dressed for so long. Let him enjoy it!

  2. Well, I just put a picture of him with his hand down his pants at Christmas. The reason I put it there was because he is always on to Adrianna to get her hands out of her pants!! Monkey see…
    He kept holding on to his penis last night and I assured him that it wasn’t going anywhere, then he finally says he has to go pee! Well just go, don’t stand in the middle of my “family” room holding yourself!
    Man, they make me laugh. So glad my children never did anything like that.
    Mom and Dad

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