Fat Free Friday: Week 5

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Welcome to the fifth week of Fat Free Friday hosted by myself here at Many Sleepless Nights & Sara at Here Comes the Sun!  We have teamed up to bring you a weight-loss inspired blog hop!  We have both had very different journeys with weight loss & we hope to inspire & motivate you each week.  We also know that you have your own stories of inspiration.  We want to hear your stories as well!  Your loss, your gain, your goals, your rewards, everything!  We want this to be a place where any other blogger that is sharing our weight-loss journey can link up their blog and share their story.

We don’t want you to feel restricted by tons of rigid rules, but we would like for you to follow as many other bloggers in the hop as you would like and if you feel motivated or inspired or meet a kindred spirit in your mutual love of chocolate cake, leave a meaningful comment on their weight-loss post!  Having a good support system is such an important part of the weight-loss journey and we hope that this blog hop is a place that you will find that!

This week I was a little concerned.  On Saturday, my best friend & I went to a distributor training camp for new products that we started selling (a post on that soon, I promise!) and we were all jazzed up & motivated & inspired.  I was good as gold on Saturday.

On Monday, I had the day off because of MLK, Jr so I spent the day driving around to different towns & making cold calls.  Then I realized that it was 2pm and I hadn’t eaten lunch.  Greg asked me if I could go to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book that he needed.  While I was there, the food court smelled like absolute heaven so I got a sandwich from Charley’s.  I figured that since it was a late lunch & I knew that I would be full, I wouldn’t eat supper.

And I had zero intention of eating later until my best friend asked if I wanted to go out to supper with her & her mom.

Of course I did!  I knew that I was making a bad choice, but I wanted to see my friend & her mom.  But I did take half of my food home with me to save for lunch the next day and I didn’t take any extra bread sticks with me so, yay!

Alright, folks.  Moment of truth time.

My official weight last friday was 173.0 and my goal for this week was to drop one pound.

As of this morning?

171.2!  Which brings my grand total to -22.3 pounds!

Despite the fact that I ate out & that it was pasta, I still lost weight this week!  Because I knew that I had made a “fun” choice, I knew that I needed to be mindful of what I ate the rest of the week.

And that’s perfectly fine, actually.

I don’t want to become so focused on losing weight that I pass up an opportunity to get together with friends or have a date night with my husband.  I just have to realize that not every food choice can be a fun one.

My goal for next week is going to be drop one pound.  Hopefully I can continue to balance my food choices & keep drinking tons of water.  If I can stick with my plan, I should be able to kiss the 170s goodbye in no time!

How did you do this week?  What things are working for you?  What things do you need to continue to work on?


2 thoughts on “Fat Free Friday: Week 5

  1. Great job Tara!! and this is a great post. It is so important to allow yourself to indulge, and remember that every meal is different. Just because you have one “Bad” meal, doesn’t need to make the day, week or month bad. We are Growing,…err shrinking but learning?…here girl!

    • That’s a big thing that I remember from the last time I did WW. You shouldn’t scrap an entire day just because you had one bad meal. Each meal is a chance for a do-over! And yes, we are growing/shrinking 😀

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