Toddler Talk Thursday: Potty Training

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Welcome to week 23 of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom Talk all things Toddler! This week we are lucky to have Tara from Many Sleepless Nights as a substitute host while Melissa is on her way to Blissdom!!


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Thank You Tara for being available to help us host Toddler Talk this week!


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Potty Training
"Potty Training" "potty Training tips" "Toddler" "Potty"
Let’s talk pee & poop, folks!
When Brock was still a toddler, we knew that he would be fairly easy to potty train.  I waited until he was ready & we would put him on the toilet when he had certain tells.  For example: whenever he had to poop, he would always run behind the recliner, squat down & poop.  It only took a few times of that before I learned that that was his “spot” & if he headed in that direction, we would run to the bathroom.  Whenever we were outside, he would just pull his pants down & go pee.  Boys are so easy!  They don’t have to worry about copping a squat or peeing on their shoes.  Unfortunately, Brock still wears a pull-up at night because he is thirsty all.the.time. He drinks so much fluid in a day & combined with the fact that he is a heavy sleeper, rather than changing his sheets ever morning, he is still in a pull-up.
Adrianna is . . . well . . . we are working on it.  She HATES when her diaper is wet & she will shove her hands down her diaper & tug at it.  If she poops, she will (usually) come to one of us & say “owie” which, sadly, stemmed from all of her antibiotic-induced diarrhea episodes when she was having chronic ear infections & was constantly on antibiotics.
Anytime Adrianna does pee or poop on the potty, she gets an M&M.  She knows that in order to actually get the M&M, she has to do something in the potty so she will sit there & grunt & pretend to go to the bathroom & hold her hand out and proudly say, “M!”  Luckily, we never fall for it but man, oh man, does she get mad if she doesn’t get her candy!
When Brock was itty bitty, we bought a toddler training toilet that sang & lit up & clapped.
He loved it!
But he would never pee or poop in it.
So we got rid of it & just had him go on the regular toilet.  That seemed to work so we are just going to continue doing the same thing with Adrianna.  Hopefully it will work!
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5 thoughts on “Toddler Talk Thursday: Potty Training

  1. Um, I need a bit more specific directions on this link up stuff.

    I can tell you about my pt method though. Its a bit unorthodox, but its working well for us.

    When my kids are fully capable of sitting and not falling over, they start going on the toilet. We’ll be starting with Henry very soon. When they start grunting or any other tell tale signs, on the toilet they go. Yes, starting around 8-9mos.
    We catch it when we can, if we do great, if not fine. Isabelle didnt poop in diapers after about 10-11mos and was out of diapers (while awake) at 17mos. We werent nearly as consistant with E, but he was out of diapers before 2. Lots more accidents with him, but usually a tinkle then he heads for the potty.
    I dont like diapers. Dont like using them, definitely dont like buying them. I am all for getting it done, and done soon. Just not sure how all 5 of us are going to make it work with 1 toilet….

    • At least you only have 2 girls to that one bathroom. We will have 3. I have read about the ec method, but didn’t use it. However Hayden was trained completely shortly after 2 (he might have trained earlier if I hadn’t wanted to wait until Katie had arrived. Katie was trained before 2…about 21 months I think.

      Hayden has NEVER wet the bed, and always taked a water cup to bed with him because he is also extremely thirsty all the time. He just wakes up in the night and goes to the bathroom. He doesn’t even get us up, though we frequently find multiple lights on in the house in the middle of the night. Katie wears a pull up to bed still, but I am happy to say that she only wets in it about one night out of every week. A vast improvement from being wet every nap and night!! 🙂

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