Menu planning: Week 6

I’m going to go ahead & make a plan this week even though we are supposed to get bombarded with snow & ice and my plan may very well change with the bad weather.  But.  We got our Angel Food shipment this weekend and our freezer is restocked so I need to get cooking again!  Here goes:

Sunday: whatever you can find is fair game

Monday: Beef Chow Mein.  This will be a first for me so hopefully it goes well!

Tuesday: Roast with potatoes, carrots & onions.  My crock pot has been seriously neglected this winter & it’s time to remedy that.

Wednesday: Church night; weather permitting.  If we get snowed in, we will have leftovers.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner.  Nothing fancy, but I was thinking pancakes, eggs, bacon & OJ

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: I’m doing at It Works! party out-of-town, so Greg and the kids will be on their own.  I imagine they will either eat Macaroni & Cheese or cereal.

What are you cooking this week?

Don’t forget to link up to Jane Maynard’s blog and include your menu!


6 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 6

  1. Sunday – French toast for breakfast, leftover lunch, burgers with fries and baked beans for supper.
    Monday – eggs and cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast, lasagna with salad and corn and toasted texas toast for lunch, supper will be bbq sandwiches and chips.
    Tuesday – breakfast will be cereal or oatmeal, crockpot beef and taters (just in case we’re out of power I can run the crockpot with our generator in the garage), supper leftovers (microwave can also plug into the generator).
    Wednesday – eggs or pancakes for breakfast, hamburger helper for lunch, depends on what’s going on for supper (possibly soup in the crockpot).
    Thursday – cereal for breakfast, Hobo stew for lunch, roast with veggies for supper.
    Friday – egg sandwiches for breakfast, ham salad for lunch, supper on the way home from the show (if it still is happening).
    Saturday – breakfast burritos, roast beef salad sandwiches and crockpot soup for lunch, supper out with friends after the show.
    Sunday – I have no clue. I know we have a cattle show in the morning and a super bowl party at night. In between there who knows what’s gonna happen! Might be take out pizza and wings.

  2. Monday, ham puffs for breakfast (because that is what Dad took for snacks and I deserve a couple if I got up early to cook them), lunch, whatever I find. supper, maybe omlets since I have leftover ham, cheese, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms with homemade biscuits.
    Tuesday breakfast, who knowslunch, whatever I find. supper, either chili or chicken enchillada soup (you know the weather is going to be horrible right).
    Wednesday, breakfast oatmeal, lunch leftover soup, supper maybe sloppy joes if church is cancelled (supposed to bring that to the kids)
    Thursday breakfast oatmeal, lunch leftover soup or chili, supper, may go out since it is mid-term night.
    Friday breakfast more oatmeal, pizza bread I think because the kids love it, supper, leftovers.
    Saturday, who knows, I have a scrapbooking event unless it is cancelled due to the weather.
    Sunday ??? too far out to plan.

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