The Un-Recipe

I saw this posted at Jane’s blog (who hosts the weekly menu plan!) & I thought it was such a cute idea!

Jane & her friend were talking about un-recipes that their families have.  Things that aren’t truly recipes, they don’t have a fancy name but everybody in the family knows what you are talking about when you say it & most people outside of your family thinks they are gross/weird.

When I read her story about cottage cheese & Ritz crackers, my family’s un-recipe immediately came to mind.

We have: iced graham crackers.

{photo source}

When we were little, mom would make us a “sandwich” using only graham crackers & icing.  It was one of my favorite “desserts”.  Mom used to babysit Greg & his sister after school & it was one their favorites, too.  In fact, when Greg and I started dating, he asked my mom if she would make him some iced graham crackers.  He still eats them to this day & he recently introduced our kids to them.  Shockingly, them love them, too!

Does your family have an un-recipe?


6 thoughts on “The Un-Recipe

  1. I have to tell you, yesterday when everyone was leaving their comments, this one came to mind – wished I had remembered it before I wrote the post. my mom would also do graham crackers with chocolate frosting and I LOVED it! 🙂

  2. I think it is funny that of everything I ever made your husband, this is his favorite. Maybe because it is quick, easy and so portable. need to tell Tracy to make the icing, it is just as good!!
    Oh yeah, it is cheap as well.
    Glad I was a subject for you to blog today and share our recipe with the world. Of course, he likes chocolate icing on graham crackers best!

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