I’m totally going to brag about my kid in this post

I was 4.5 when my baby sister was born so she was pretty much the coolest toy that my parents ever gave me.  We spent so much time together (as most siblings do) that we even developed our own “language”.

And when I say “language”, I mean she would make a basic primal noise like a grunt or a squeal & I would interpret it.

It used to drive my parents absolutely bat-shit crazy because she didn’t speak any real intelligible words until she was past her 2nd birthday.

Don’t misunderstand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my sister’s speech now.  She will talk your damn ear off if you will let her.

Of course, I will too.

It runs in the family.

When I got pregnant with Adrianna, I had feared that the same thing would happen.  And, for a while it did.  Adrianna would whine or grunt and Brock would say, “Oh I get it, Mom!  She wants more milk!”

Unfortunately for my son, he is on the track that so many other men are and he doesn’t have a clue what women want because I would hand her the cup of milk that she “wanted” & she would promptly throw it on the floor.

After months of similar situations & the meltdowns that followed, she finally learned that …………she ………….could …………..talk!

We started out with the basics like dada & mama.  Now we are up to a huge list!  Wanna see?!  Of course you do!

*Bock (Brock)

*peas (please)

*tinks (thanks)

*Anna (her name for herself; pronounced with a soft ‘a’)

*teef (teeth which means that she wants to brush her teeth)



*Aw din! (All Done! If you don’t clap & cheer for her when she says this, she will continue to SCREAM “Aw Din!” at you until you acknowledge her latest accomplishment.  I’ve made that mistake before.  Don’t be like me.)

*Buh (Bar = her beloved breakfast bar)

*cuppy (cup.  This is funny because Brock used to call his cup “cuppy”)

*bock bock (bark bark = dog)

*pity (pretty; usually in reference to her hair or her reflection.  This is helpful to say when you want her to sit still so you can put ribbons in her hair)

*shus (shoes)

*boot (she definitely knows the difference between boots & shoes)

*hand (but pronounced with a soft ‘a’ like she’s fake British)

*nuse (nose)

*eye (she uses eye for both ears & eyes but when asked to point to her ears/eyes, she always points to the correct one)

*chee (cheek)





*Geeg (Gee Gee is what Brock named Greg’s mom a few years ago & now Adrianna has shortened it)

*guice (juice)





*upple (apple)


*pee pee (this one can mean a few things.  If she is pulling on her diaper, that one is obvious.  If she says it to my best friend’s mom, that’s the kids’ nickname for her (her real name is Paula.  Apparently pee pee is easier))

*g-gur (good girl)


*Amo! (Elmo)

*gen (again; pronounced with a soft ‘g’)


*hat (again, pronounced with a soft ‘a’ so she sounds fake British; also sounds like hat but she uses them in the correct context so it counts as a separate word)

*uh-huh (usually what she says if you ask if she wants something to eat or drink)

*huh-uh (usually what she says if you ask her if she wants a spanking)

*un (one)

*tu (two)

That’s 43 words! 

It never ceases to amaze me how much I have to clean up my language when a child gets to be this age.

**Edit: She also says, “Wow!” but it’s in a super-cute whisper.  Update the total to 44 words!!


8 thoughts on “I’m totally going to brag about my kid in this post

  1. OK, a couple of clarifications here. We were so worried about Shawna not talking we actually took her to the doctor and he said to make you stop talking for her. Once we made you, she started talking and hasn’t shut up since. Adrianna can say Bubba, done, woo (wood) to take it to the wood stove, owie, and a bunch of words that I think are Chinese or something similar.

  2. My brother didn’t talk until he was almost 3 (3.5 years between us) because I always did it for him. It wasn’t until I started going to school and being gone for most of the day that he decided talking for himself was the way to go. To this day he’s not much of a talker, but can do so quite eloquently when the need is there.

    • I guess if they have somebody else to do it for them, why bother right?! If I remember correctly, my sister would talk when I wasn’t around but as soon as I got off the bus, she would make me take over 😀

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