Then the whole world shifted

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This week, I decided to participate in The Red Dress Club’s prompt.  The rules are simple: start your piece with “I could have never imagined” and end it with “Then the whole world shifted”. 


I could have never imagined what my life as a mom would be like.

No book can brace you for the amount of chaos & turmoil that you will experience.

No sage wisdom from those that were once in your shoes can make you understand how selfless you must become.

No one can make you fully understand just how much your life will change when that tiny little person becomes a part of your life.

Greg & I first started dating when I was 16, although we had known each other most of our lives.  We knew within the first few months of our relationship that we were going to get married.  We spent every waking moment together that first summer.  Then Greg went off to college in a town that was three hours away but he came home almost every weekend so we somehow managed to survive.  We got engaged at the beginning of my freshman year of college & got married just before my 21st birthday.

Greg has always wanted kids.  I wasn’t as zealous as he was.  He didn’t understand why I hesitated.  I didn’t understand why he was so excited.

I mean, kids are dirty.  They always have runny noses & want to give you big slobbery kisses.  They pee & poop in their pants & they want you to change them.  They eat spaghetti & it takes the National Guard to restore your kitchen back to its former self.

Don’t misunderstand: I loved kids.  But I also loved giving them back to their parents.  I love to sleep in & eat meals that don’t revolve around chicken nuggets.  I loved not driving a mini-van & having the opportunity to go to the grocery store at midnight if the mood struck.

But more than anything, I was scared that I would be a terrible mother.

I always felt that I was great in short bits but was afraid that I would fall incredibly short when the important stuff came up.

When Greg and I had been married about two years, he couldn’t take it any longer.  All of our friends were starting to have kids & he felt like he was missing out on the grand adventure.  I was still in nursing school & still wasn’t quite ready.  By the time fall of my senior year rolled around, he had nagged me enough that I was willing to entertain the thought of stopping birth control.  My parents had tried to conceive for a good 3 years before I came along so I figured that I was safe for a couple of years after I stopped birth control.

Greg’s parent’s Christmas present to us that year was a trip to Las Vegas.  Greg’s mom kept saying little things like, “Wouldn’t it be cute if you got pregnant in Vegas?!  What a fun story!”  All the while I’m thinking, “Ha!  It will be at least a year before I will get pregnant so Vegas isn’t going to be the place it happens!”


Turns out, Vegas was the place it happened.

Precisely one cycle off birth control, I got pregnant with our bouncing baby boy.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was in shock.  I called Greg who was ecstatic, of course. 

We were so incredibly lucky because I had a perfectly normal pregnancy (other than an OB/GYN who was suffering from a raging case of short-man syndrome and chewed my ass off every time I showed up and had gained a pound.  I literally only gained 8 pounds my entire pregnancy & he was still up my ass about it.  Luckily, I found a wonderful OB the next time around.)  My water broke at home, in the middle of the night and before 1pm later that day, we held our 7 pound, 0.5oz bundle of joy in our arms.

Then the whole world shifted.


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12 thoughts on “Then the whole world shifted

  1. I don’t understand why you were worried! You were always the mother of the cousins. Bossing them around, making sure they didn’t get hurt or in trouble, well there is that one time Aubrey said something to her Grandpa she shouldn’t have but I think you were in the house at the time.

  2. I felt the same way about kids! Your feelings were SO normal – you were practically a baby yourself when you got married! 😉

    It’s amazing how actually having one of your own changes everything – how the world completely shifts.

    • Looking back, I realize how young I really was. But, at the time, I felt so grown up. I’m not sure that I would be very happy if my 20-year-old daughter wanted to get married. Thankfully she’s only 18 months old so I have a little bit of time to worry about that 😉

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