Menu planning: Week 8

Sunday: Italian Chicken, pasta & veggies

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: chicken quesadillas (we didn’t get to those last week so we are going to try again this week)

Wednesday: church night!  Greg will have to fend for himself 🙂

Thursday: frozen pizza or pizza rolls; which ever the kids feel like eating

Friday: sausage & cabbage (for Greg), tortellini for me & the kids with my homemade spaghetti sauce

Saturday: leftovers & Greg’s been begging me to make another pineapple upside down cake so I might have to work on that this weekend.

What are you cooking this week?

Don’t forget to head over to Jane’s blog and add your weekly menu!


2 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 8

  1. Well, lets see.
    Monday-Mexican (valentines dinner from Casa Del Sol)
    Tuesday, BBQ since my grandchildren are coming out.
    Wednesday, leftover BBQ, because we always make too much (but it is so good the next day.
    Thursday Chicken and maybe corn and potatoes.
    Friday, leftover Chicken with peppers and onions and tomatoes.
    Saturday, don’t know, have to go to the polar bear plunge.
    Sunday, Kobe for Supper for Shawna’s b-day.

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