Fat Free Friday: Week 7

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Welcome to the seventh week of Fat Free Friday hosted by myself here at Many Sleepless Nights & Sara at Here Comes the Sun!  We have teamed up to bring you a weight-loss inspired blog hop!  We have both had very different journeys with weight loss & we hope to inspire & motivate you each week.  We also know that you have your own stories of inspiration.  We want to hear your stories as well!  Your loss, your gain, your goals, your rewards, everything!  We want this to be a place where any other blogger that is sharing our weight-loss journey can link up their blog and share their story.

We don’t want you to feel restricted by tons of rigid rules, but we would like for you to follow as many other bloggers in the hop as you would like and if you feel motivated or inspired or meet a kindred spirit in your mutual love of chocolate cake, leave a meaningful comment on their weight-loss post!  Having a good support system is such an important part of the weight-loss journey and we hope that this blog hop is a place that you will find that!

Last week, life got the best of me and I totally spaced and forgot to do my fat-free friday post. 

Boo-hiss for being a bad blogger.

Alright.  Now that that is over with . . .

My last weigh-in post revealed that my weight was at 170.8 which was a little disheartening.  I just couldn’t seem to bust through the 170-barrier.  I had a total weight loss of -22.7 pounds, which?  Is pretty damn good.  But, I’m ready for more.  I know that slow and steady wins the race but man, o man, I hate when I plateau like this.

So, this morning when I stepped on the scale?

I was pleasantly surprised to see 168.6 flashing back at me!  I finally busted past the 170s!  Huzzah!

That brings my weight loss for the past 2 weeks (since I accidentally skipped last week) to -2.2 pounds!

This also means that my total weight loss is: -24.9!  Yippee!

Do any of you remember these little mini-goals that I set for myself? :

  • Goal #1: 13.5 lbs (Baby weight from Adrianna)
  • Goal #2: 8 lbs (Baby weight from Brock)(total weight loss of 21.5 lbs)
  • Goal #3: 12 lbs (Martial bliss weight)(total weight loss of 33.5 lbs)
  • Goal #4: 10 lbs (I’m-in-college-and-I’ll-eat-whatever-I-want weight)(total weight loss of 43.5 lbs)
  • Oh, that’s right!  I blasted past my second mini-goal (finally!) but I forgot to update you guys about it!  I got a pedicure for my first mini-goal and I’m in desperate need of another one but I’m not sure what I will treat myself with for completing my second mini-goal. 

    Maybe a massage?

    I got Greg a massage for Valentine’s Day so I might just have to go with him when he gets his!

    Since I’ve hit my second mini-goal, it’s time to plow onward and take a look at mini-goal number 3: -33.5 pounds.  I’m actually closer to this than I thought with only 8.6 more pounds to go.  And, now that the weather is ::crosses fingers:: starting to get a little nicer, maybe we can make it outside more often to play which will lead to more calories burned for me!

    How are you doing with weight-loss this week?  I wanna hear your story!


    2 thoughts on “Fat Free Friday: Week 7

    1. WAY TO GO. You are doing awesome and look great (well when I don’t see you in scrubs!). Remember we are going to Kobe this weekend, but it is Japanese, can’t be that fattening right??

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