Menu Planning: Week 9

Sunday: Birthday dinner for my baby sister who turned a whopping 23 today!  We are going to a local hibachi grill and it is delicious!

Monday: Hibachi leftovers.  I’m literally drooling just thinking about it.

Tuesday: I’m going to attempt to get the liver & onions for Greg made this night and do tortellini for the kids and myself using my homemade spaghetti sauce that I made a few weeks ago.

Wednesday: Church night so Greg can eat the leftover liver and onions (bleh) and the kids will eat at church.

Thursday: Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti.  I’m hoping to actually get it together so I can post pictures of it!

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: Probably something on the road because I’m hoping that I can convince Greg that he needs to take me to St. Louis for the Pioneer Woman book signing!!!!

What are you making for dinner this week?

As always, don’t forget to stop by Jane’s blog and link up your menu and get other ideas from the other menus that are posted!


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning: Week 9

  1. YUM! However, I’m in total agreement about the liver and onions thing. YIKES! There oughta be a law against it! Why does it smell so good when it’s cooking but taste so bad? I’ve decided that, with the exception of appearing on the TV show, “Bizarre Foods”, organs are not fit for human consumption.

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