It Works! Wednesday

Back in November, I signed up to become an independent distributor for It Works! Global.

But I didn’t want to!

I was forced!


Another adjective for doing something against my will!

I originally went to an informational meeting with my bestie & her mom and I’m pretty sure the conversation went something like this:

Bestie: Hey, dude.  What’s up?

Me: Not much, just chillin’ right now.  Dreading when the kiddos wake up from their naps. (I was mostly kidding.)

Bestie: Haha!  Well, since you’re not doing anything, wanna go to Pizza Hut with me and mom tonight?

Me: Um, nah.

Bestie: C’mon!  You know you want to!

Me: No, not really.  Pizza Hut makes my tummy hurt.

Bestie: Your tummy?

Me: Would you rather me tell you that it gives me explosive diarrhea??

Bestie: Oh, Tara.  Ew.  Just come on.  It starts at 4 and we will go out to dinner after.

Me:  . . . We are going to Pizza Hut and then eating after??

Bestie: Oh, I forgot to tell you.  We aren’t eating there.  They are having an informational meeting about a new product that mom is going to carry in the salon.

Obviously that sounded about as exciting as watching paint dry but I went along because 1) I wasn’t doing anything else that night, 2) they promised to buy my dinner & 3) it was an excuse to hang out with my best friend and to embarrass her mom which is always worth any informational meeting that I might have to endure.

I went along and turns out, they were talking about It Works! Global.  They were talking about all sorts of products but the one that really caught my eye were the weight-loss wraps.

They promised that they weren’t a quick-fix.

They promised that it wasn’t just water weight.

They said that the average inch-loss was 1-3 inches after just one wrap.

Ha!  Yeah, right.  I was going to do one of those silly little wraps just to prove them wrong and make them look foolish (I’m such a grown-up, right?!)

I went behind the divider, pulled up my shirt, pulled down my britches, died a slow & painful death while an absolute stranger took measurements of my mid-section and then wrapped me in the “miracle” wrap.  While I was wearing the wrap, I sat through the meeting, rolling my eyes at every product that was discussed & guffawed at the business “opportunity” aspects.

After the meeting was over, they asked if I wanted to unwrap and remeasure.  I politely declined and said I would just re-measure when I got home.  Steph, Paula and I went out to eat at Olive Garden and I completely overindulged in 5-cheese ziti, extra bread sticks and all the delicious salad that my stomach could handle.

I was determined to prove those women at the meeting wrong.

Even if it meant: death by pasta

After we were finished stuffing ourselves, we went back to Steph’s apartment and I decided that I was tired of wearing the saran wrap and I figured that I might as well re-measure.


I lost 2 inches in 3 hours.

I was a little surprised but at the same time, I was sure that it was water weight and that it would come back within a few days if not sooner.

I didn’t think too much about the wrap again until the next night (over 24 hours after I had wrapped) when I was getting into my sweats sexy neglege and I noticed that the stretch marks that my beautiful children had given me had gone from a scary shade of dark violet to nearly flesh-tone.

I was shocked.

Mostly because I was wrong which, I can assure you, almost never happens.

I was also shocked because I was convinced that the only thing in the world that was going to get rid of those stretch marks was a tummy tuck and I was able to get rid of them by wearing a thin piece of material for 3 hours!  I didn’t have to do anything!  It was awesome!


Every Wednesday I am going to discuss one of the It Works! products/opportunities.  I plan to give personal testimonials for the products that I’ve tried and be sure to give you my 100% honest opinion about all of their products.

Be sure to check out It Works! Global on facebook for important updates & check out my site here & click on the “start shopping” button and you will be re-directed to a page that will show you all of the products and prices.

Now is a better time than EVER to join It Works! as an independent distributor.  They just re-did the business builder kit which includes a measuring tap, 8 wraps, tons of promotional fliers and coupons to hand out to potential clients and a month free of the online e-Suite which gives you access to TONS of online tools to help build your business and network with other distributors.  The old price was $199.  As of Saturday, Feb 19 and continuing through the entire month of March, they have reduced the price of the business builder start-up kit from $199 to $99!

Let me know if there are any particular products that you are interested in hearing more information about, if you want to book a party, become a loyal customer (great discounts on every product that the company offers) or even a distributor! I just ran a hostess special that was $10 for every wrap that is sold at your party (I sell the wraps for $30/each), so if 6 people come to your party and wrap, you make $60 that night which is 2 wraps at retail price, a box of 4 wraps at the loyal customer discount or over half-way for paying for your distributor start-up kit!  Ah-mazing!

In another week or so, I’m going to run another hostess special so if there is something that you are interesting in getting for free, please let me know!

I’ve also sent out two wraps to two of my blogging friends for them to try out and then do a review for me.  There have been rumors that they might be hosting a giveaway so I will keep everybody in the loop if that happens!

Just for the extra-skeptical folks out there, here are a few before/after pics:



This was after 4 wraps!



After just one chin & neck wrap!


7 thoughts on “It Works! Wednesday

  1. Hey, guess what? I am free Saturday and I guess you wouldn’t want to come over and wrap my arms, or should I wait for Ronnie’s party on Sunday? Guess I should wait and let her have the extra money. I want before and after pictures (no boobs in this one OK?). Need to get on my invitations and get people to come!

    • Well, I could wrap you tonight while the kids are at church and then you could wrap again at Ronnie’s party on Sunday! We will definitely take pics and I will edit out your boobies in this one 😀 Yes yes! Get on the invitations! The more, the merrier (& skinnier!)

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