Menu planning: Week 10

This week is going to be one full of trial-and-error because track season starts tonight and Greg is going to be an assistant throwing coach!  He is super excited and, while I’m not as zealous as he is, I’m being supportive and I know that coaching is something that he has always wanted to do.  I’m not exactly sure what this is going to do to our dinner/bedtime routine since I’m not totally sure of the practice/meet schedule but I’m sure we will work it out.

Now, who’s hungry?

Sunday: BBQ chicken.  Can I just say that boiling chicken is my new favorite way to cook chicken?!  I’m shocked that I haven’t made it this way before now.  I’m seriously considering writing a post about it.  It was that good!

Monday: leftover BBQ chicken and some sort of veggie.  Maybe broccoli.  Brock is on a broccoli kick because he “wikes ver name”. 


Kids are strange.

Tuesday: Probably chicken quesadillas.  Still haven’t gotten to it and since I have plenty of extra chicken left over, we might just have to use it up!

Wednesday: church night!

Thursday: Thinking about chicken strips and french fries.  I’ve got a huge bag of chicken (several actually) in my fridge from late last week when our dogs decided that it would be super-fun to use the deep freeze cord as a chew toy.

In unrelated news, does anybody want a dog?  I’ve got one that I will give you.  I’m being totally serious.

I will post about that soon.

Friday: I guess we will finish up the week with . . .  more chicken!  Haha!  Probably leftover chicken strips.  Gah!  I’m really not being very creative this week! 

I will try harder next week. 


Saturday: My mom and sister are hosting an It Works! wrap party so I will be there during dinner time but Greg and the kids will do just fine with leftover chicken 😉

What are you cooking this week?  I really do love hearing everybody’s menus because they are always full of great ideas for us to try!

And, as always, don’t forget to link-up to Jane’s blog to let her know what you are cooking, too!


8 thoughts on “Menu planning: Week 10

  1. Your kids are going to be clucking by next week! LOL. Sorry about the freezer cord. Hope you were able to repair it and save the freezer anyway.

  2. Monday, stuffed peppers YUMMY!!
    Tuesday, Probably something easy for Jimmy going to lunch with friends so I may not eat supper.
    Wedensday, Grilled Ham and veggies, supposed to be nice.
    Thursday, who knows, it is finals for me.
    Friday, Chicken or porkchops, not sure yet.
    Saturday, Maybe I can get Dad to grill steaks.
    I haven’t really thought much about meal planning this week.

    • You’re stuffed peppers made me think about gardening which made me think about PW’s post about her raised beds today. I might have to get Greg to make a few for me so I can get started a little earlier 🙂

  3. I love that Tara. Ya know when we first got my yellow lab he chewed the trailer lights off of every trailer we owned, 3 to be exact. Aaron was so mad I can’t even do it justice, but now it makes me crack up every time I think of it. I am gonna go inbox you a chicken recipe that we love!! 🙂 Enjoy Stemme Family Chicken Week!

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