Be still my beating heart

Could it be?

After this long, harsh winter?  Spring is ready to show her delicate face?

I’m hopeful that the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong and that we won’t have another ginormous snow at the end of March.  But just in case it is right, we are being cautious with our garden this year & planing everything (from seed) in little starter squares and leaving them inside for the next few weeks.

Brock had a tough time deciding which seeds to plant where.

We were smart and wrote down what went where.  For example: Radish A1-A6. 


He didn’t have a tough time cheesing it up for the camera, though!

Neither did his sister.

They are both totally my kids.

Who, me??

I will be keeping you guys all informed of our gardening progress again this year.  I know that was something that you loved so much last year!


 . . . .

::tap tap:: Is this thing on?

Yay, Spring!


2 thoughts on “Be still my beating heart

  1. I am not sure who started that rumor, but I checked the almanac and last week was the last one they called for, significant snow. I just talked to a lady in Centralia and said she got a light dusting on Monday!
    Here is to hoping spring is here! I have flowers up and want to start working in the yard soon.
    Mom and Dad

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