Menu planning: Week 13

Sunday: leftovers

Monday: Lasagna with homemade garlic bread

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday!!  Hopefully the kids will be a little more cooperative this week and will actually eat the tacos that I make them.  Maybe I could make their tacos with chicken instead of ground beef.  They will learn to love tacos!  I’m determined!

Wednesday: I will be at a wrap party (anybody can come so feel free to join us!) so Greg and the kids will be eating leftovers.

Thursday: chicken breast with roasted veggies on toast.  I’m going to have to work on the name of that one; it feels kinda . . . . vague and non-descriptive.  Will post pictures & new name when it’s done.

Friday: I’m thinking that we should grill.  It’s supposed to hit the 50’s and be sunny on Friday, we’ve got steaks & veggies in the freezer and I’m dying to have some yummy grilled food!

Saturday: Again.  Wrap party so leftovers for Greg and the kiddos.


That’s it for us!  What are you cooking this week?


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