Spring training

A couple of weeks ago, Brock was begging us to break out the t-ball set and let him play.  Since the weather was pretty nice (albeit a little cloudy), we set up in our front yard and let him hit balls into the street.

Aren’t we the best parents, evar??

(disclaimer: our “street” is a dead-end private gravel road that we live at the end of.  We rarely have “traffic” that makes it all the way to our house.  Although, based on these pictures, it does make us look like we live in the ghetto.  Exhibit: scary kidnapper van just above Greg’s back.  Yikes.)

He’s still undecided if he’s a righty or a lefty when it comes to some things so he was switch-hitting that day.

Adrianna was perfectly content to play with the bucket ‘o chalk and yell at her brother.

I’m not totally sure what she was saying but, at one point it sounded an awful lot like heckling.

My mom would be so proud of her.

Line drive straight down the middle!

Apparently the princess got bored and decided to spy on our neighbors.

Sadly, the next morning when we got up, there were 3-4 inches of snow on the ground.

Luckily, Missouri weather is nothing if not ever-changing so all of the snow we got had melted within a day or so.

This pictures really make me feel like we need a landscaping overhaul, STAT.

I just realized that the entire blog post last 4-5 sentences in this post are less like a cohesive blog post about spring and more a jumbled mash-up ala Glee’s Singing in the Rain/Umbrella which is, honestly, how it feels inside my head most days.  Usually my writing filter is a little better at catching those random thoughts.

What was I talking about?

Mmmmm, cookies . . .


2 thoughts on “Spring training

  1. First of all, you never heckle the player with the bat in their hand and no fence between you. She is going to have to learn the rules. Can’t wait for them to play here. Just an FYI, found another “softball” in their toy box today. Hid it so hopefully no one gets another black eye.

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