Aren’t kids the BEST?!

Usually mine are pretty great.  Crazy, obviously, but great.

Normally I’m not surprised when Brock comes up with something really bizarre and random because, well, because I do that all the time so it doesn’t surprise me when my offspring do it too.

But this past Friday?  I’ll let you be the judge:

The kids and I had been gone all day at work and daycare and we were winding down, getting ready for bed.

Brock: Mom?  What’s wong with your face?

Me: What?

Brock: It’s . . . weiwd.  Oh!  I know!  Where are your gwasses?

Me: On my dresser.  I took them off.

Brock: Well, put them back on.  I don’t like your face without them.

Me:   . . .

Brock: Mom!  Your glasses!  Put them back on!

Me: Am I ugly without my glasses?!

Brock: Not weally.  I just wike dem better dan no gwasses.

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.


2 thoughts on “Aren’t kids the BEST?!

  1. My daughter isn’t quite as verbal yet, but whenever her daddy gets her up and she comes running into the bedroom looking for me, she yells, “MAMA!” and then hands me my glasses. Then she climbs up to get her hugs. And she won’t stop saying “gwasses” until they’re on my face either. 🙂

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