That pretty much sums up our life right about now.

Greg is nearing the home stretch of his first semester of full-time student status.  He is killing it with getting everything done and kicking ass with grades (4.0, baby!!  Whoop!  Whoop!) but it takes up a LOT of time.  Now that we are nearing the end of the semester (finals are in a month!), tests, homework, papers & projects are being piled on.  Last night we (it was mostly him.  I was supervising and making sure that he wasn’t squandering my scrapbook supplies) spent over 3 hours putting together a song book for his teaching creative arts class.  It’s super cute but jeeze, Louise!  That sucker was a ton of work!

Besides being in school full-time and all of his professors piling everything on in the last month, Greg is also coaching track at a local high school and meets start this week.  Which means that 2-3 nights/week he will be gone later than usual.  On the nights that they don’t have track meets, they have practice.  Since he wants to teach, coaching is a great way to get his foot in the door with the district & that will set him apart when it’s time to interview.  I’m so incredibly proud of him that he is (finally) finishing his degree and will eventually be doing something that he loves and I knew that it would be stressful.  But holy wow.  24 hours aren’t enough to get everything done on the to-do list.

I’ve been busier than ever with It Works and selling wraps and training new distributors, which is awesome and I’m so glad that it’s taking off.  But it’s another thing that eats into my time to get other things done.  You want an example of things that aren’t getting done? 

Laundry.  I cannot tell you the last time that I didn’t have clean clothes sitting in baskets in our laundry room, getting more wrinkled by the day.  I mean, the bright side is that they are clean but my heart sinks every time I walk into that room knowing that if I ever want to see empty baskets again, I’m going to have to sacrifice an entire evening.  Another example?  Cooking.  Most of our meals in the last few weeks have been things that take 10 minutes or less and they have definitely been lacking in the nutritious department.

In addition to the everyday stuff like clean clothes & eating, we have two small children that demand quite a bit of time.  Eating, bathing, playtime, etc are all very important parts of their schedule and, now that it’s getting warm (hooray!), they want to be outside more.  All very good things but outside = dirt = dirty children = daily baths become a necessity = more laundry.


I know that these “problems” (I also realize that they aren’t really problems and yes the world is in crisis and I do have some perspective so please don’t leave me hateful comments about what a spoiled brat I am or I will delete you) aren’t new to us or to anybody else.  But I just wanted you guys to know that I haven’t forgotten about my blog or you (yes, both of you).  I do have some exciting new things coming up around here including two giveaways (which I sometimes shy away from but they are really really good ones!), more It Works Wednesday posts (one of which includes a picture of me with a facial applicator on and I look very scary), I’m jumping back on the weight-loss train (I stalled for a few weeks but no overall gain!) so I’m hoping to start-up again with those posts & we will be starting our garden up very soon so you can also look forward to garden posts.  I know how much those were a crowd-favorite last year 😉


8 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Well, you could bring your laundry out here and I would do it for you now that the weather is nice and I can hang it out. You know I love to do laundry as long as I don’t have to dry it.
    Life is always busy, especially when you have kids. I know your dad and I are always doing something. Just think, one more month then it will not be as hectic!. And you still need to plant your garden.

    • That’s definitely something to consider . . . I don’t mind washing/drying it. It’s the folding that I despise. Of course, if I did it more than once/month, it probably wouldn’t be so bad.

      “One more month” is my new mantra.

  2. I hate laundry as well, mostly because of the folding and putting away. No tips for that, but I do have an idea for dinner. Birds Eye Steam Fresh veggies and sides and rotisserie chicken from the local deli. Or bbq beef/pork sandwiches with sweet potato fries. Stouffer’s makes new Farmer’s Market frozen dinners too, and I think one of them is a microwave express 15 minute meal. Pregnancy is helping me learn some much faster dinner options. 😉

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